Sex doll maintenance

Only in the Naughty Harbor blog will you find detailed and proven instructions for caring for  silicone dolls. Our advice and tips on proper hygiene, repair and care of Sex Dolls will help you spend carefree hours full of fun and erotic satisfaction with your perfect companion.

TPE sex doll care
TPE dolls

TPE Doll Care

Sex dolls are available in two main materials: TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and silicone. The TPE material used to imitate the...

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proper care of sex dollls clothes
sex dolls clothes

How To Properly Take Care Of Sex Doll Clothes So They Don’t Stain

Dressing your silicone doll in various sexy outfits and lacy underwear offers numerous ways to enhance your experience. By pairing...

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dispose of sex doll
dispose of sex doll

How To Dispose Of Your Used Sex Doll? Recycle Or Sell It

Has the time come when your realistic doll has grown old or do you need to make room for a...

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guide how to choose sex doll
how to choose sex doll

Mini Naughty Guide For Hesitant: Choose The Right Sex Doll

Have you almost clicked the Submit Order button several times? We have prepared a Mini Naughty guide for the hesitant....

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the best sex dolls
best sex dolls

The Best Sex Dolls – Idistinguishable From Living Women

The current trend in the world of realistic sex dolls is to achieve the most realistic appearance of sex dolls....

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guide how to choos sex doll
erotic toys

How To Choose A Sex Doll. The Ultimate Guide Not Just For Beginners

If you are planning to buy your first sex doll or would like to expand your collection of sexy dolls...

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how to bath with sex doll

How To Safely Bathe With A Sex Doll

How to proceed in a situation where you want to indulge in exciting moments while bathing with your realistic doll?...

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how to care silicone sex toys
erotic toys

How To Care For Silicone Sex Toys

Both silicone sex dolls and silicone sex toys have one thing in common. Surprisingly, they hate silicone-based lubricating gels. It...

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