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the best sex dolls
best sex dolls

The Best Sex Dolls – Idistinguishable From Living Women

The current trend in the world of realistic sex dolls is to achieve the most realistic appearance of sex dolls....

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how to oral sex sex doll
oral sex

Oral sex from a sex doll. (Un)real experience?!

Sex dolls are great at anal and vaginal sex, but many of us also crave a good and deep oral....

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Erobotics. The revolution of intimacy between man and machine

Erobots. Welcome to a new world of intimacy. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and social robotics, robots are learning...

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plus minus to have sex doll
female robot

Studies on: The pros and cons of owning sex dolls

The topic of sex doll ownership, or sex dolls, is becoming an increasingly debated issue from a social and legal...

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sex with sexbots naughty harbor 3
female robot

Sex robots. David Levy and “Love and Sex with Robots”

Sex robots and love and sex with them has long since ceased to be science fiction. By around 2050, human-robot...

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sex doll for handicap men
female robot

The benefits of sex dolls for disabled and handicapped men

As the human lifespan increases, the rate of disability in the population increases with age. But the need for intimacy...

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sex doll lifespan
How to fix sex doll

How to increase Sex Doll lifespan? Tips and tricks

Sex dolls are not exactly the cheapest affair, so we should take care of them thoroughly and with due care....

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vaginal sex with real doll
anime sex

Realistic Sex Dolls, vaginal sex and pleasure without restraint

Realistic sex dolls are made so that users can have an experience with maximum satisfaction in the most pleasant form....

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