The current trend in the world of realistic sex dolls is to achieve the most realistic appearance of sex dolls. As they say about food, we eat mainly with our eyes. And for a sex doll made for sex, this sentence is true. How did the first rubber sex dolls become luxurious erotic tools that are, at first and second sight, indistinguishable from living women? Find out what specifically makes them look so real.

Fabrics, rubber, silicone

Sex dolls, along with other erotic toys, have their origins in the distant past. It is not just about the conveniences of the 20th or 21st century. During these periods, theirdevelopment continued and many improvements took place. However, the history of sex dolls dates back to the 17th century, when they were created by Dutch sailors who wanted to drive away feelings of loneliness and sexual aridity.

It may sound crazy, but back then all they had was a sex doll created out of a variety of fabrics and pillows. It was mainly a matter of fulfilling personal needs, whether the sex doll looked more or less like a woman went aside. However, because they were used mainly by sailors who sailed the sea to different parts of the world, they reached as far as Japan, where they were further developed – both in appearance and in the use of different types of materials.

A major shift in the realism of sex dolls occurs in the 20th century when commercial sex dolls were already made of rubber, plastic, and vinyl – and they were mainly inflatable sex dolls. The realism of these sex dolls was again on the sidelines, the functionality was also very limited, but as a result, the owner got what he wanted (sexual satisfaction).

Towards the end of the 20th century, however, the manufacturers of these specific erotic tools focused not only on the use of suitable materials, and functions but above all on the most realistic appearance of sex dolls. In addition, there were many names created for sex dolls such as love dolls, real dolls, or silicone wives.

Realism, parameter and silicone potential

ultra realistic sex dolls

One of the main reasons why people buy erotic toys in the form of a sex dolls is the appearance of a real person. And not only performance and real movements, but the whole appearance. Each of theprofessional brands strives both for technological development and for the realistic sex dolls to evoke the appearance of a real living woman as much as possible. TOP realistic sex dolls are a new phenomenon, which is a natural intermediate step in the development of perfect sex bots with artificial intelligence.

For many years, mainly due to price, the emphasis was mainly on sex dolls made of TPE material. However, some manufacturers, such as Sino Doll, have decided to go the other way – for one simple reason – to offer their customers only the best dolls. This brand is one of the pioneers in the production of realistic silicone sex dolls. And it is their material that allows the appearance to be elaborated to the smallest detail.

Due to the increasing pressure on the quality of sex dolls, even though the price is higher, other manufacturers began to appear – Gynoid, Zelex, Future doll, or Starpery. They all decided to focus primarily on the development and production of TOP realistic silicone sex dolls.

The trend of realism is becoming so strong and competitive that other larger sex dolls are gradually entering the market – WM Doll, Irontech Doll, or Piper doll.

The goal? The greatest realism of sex dolls

How do manufacturers try to make the most realistic sex doll? There are a huge number of options at the moment. Through the choice of the appropriate material from which it is made, to various types of customizations.


Nowadays, sex dolls are mainly made of TPE or silicone. Although the quality of TPE is already at such a level that silicone sex dolls are made from, the manufacturers can’t afford the same level of details as silicone dolls. Silicone can be used to create details such as naturally structured skin, freckles, or visible veins all over the body.

Naughty tip: A compromise between the price and the appearance of a sex doll can be the choice of the doll where the body is made of TPE, but her head is made of silicone. The realistic look is enhanced mainly by the details of the facial processing. A minor disadvantage can be the easily visible transition between the neck and the head, thanks to two different types of materials. Brands such as WM doll, AF Doll, Starpery, or ILDoll currently offer this variant of sex dolls.

bestreal sex doll mia

Customization taking the appearance of sex dolls to a new level

Another way to make the sex doll as realistic as possible and to fulfill your dreams is to choose different types of customizations that give her a more realistic look of a living woman.

Implanted hair

A large number of brands already offer the opportunity to order a sex doll with implanted hair. You don’t have to deal with repeatedly taking off and putting on the wig. But most importantly – thanks to the implanted hair, the sex doll looks more realistic.

Implanted eyebrows

One of the newer customizations, only for selected brands, offers the possibility of implanted eyebrows. It is usually “sewn” into the face of the sex doll and enhances the impression of a realistic appearance.


For silicone sex dolls, one of the very attractive and realistic customizations is the ability to choose to have a sex doll with sexy freckles on her face. If you are a lover of women and girls who have faces full of cute freckles, use this special customization.


Did you know that a sex doll can have naturally visible veins on your body? These can be on different parts of the body, from the tits to the legs.


A detail that you might not even think of. However, even this can affect the overall experience and feel of the sex doll. If you like kissing and quality oral sex, then use this customization. It may come as a surprise, but the possibility of a tongue in the sex doll’s mouth is one of the most popular. The basic sex dolls are delivered without a tongue.

Tanned bikini

Quite an unusual customization, isn’t it? You may be wondering why someone would want something like that? But if you are a lover of tanned women, then you can take advantage of this, realistic underline.

Articulated fingers

This special hand skeleton allows the fingers to bend in places where there would normally be joints of a living woman. You can adjust her fingers to any, realistic-looking position.

Customizations that make the erotic experience with sex dolls even more realistic

The look of a sex doll is the first thing that catches your eye, however, it’s not all about her appearance. She also has some features that are close to a living woman.

Breast type

Do you want your sex doll to have the most realistic breasts you like to touch and cuddle with? Then we recommend choosing the gel one. It is this type that most closely resembles the breasts of living beauty, both in appearance and especially in touch.

Gel ass

Are you one of the people who like “bottoms”, do you want to slap and enjoy a full solid ass with a nice shape that is naturally shaken? Then there is this customization, which is only possible with sex dolls made of silicone.

Soft inner thighs

If you want your sex doll to be very realistic in the area of ​​the inner thighs? Then go with the Sino-doll brand. They have created these parts softer and naturally shaking.

Vaginal structure

Customization allows you to experience your sexual experience with the sex doll at an even higher level. You can choose exactly the structure of your vagina that will suit you best – to attract you. If you also choose a removable vagina, you can have an extensive collection of differently structured vaginas at home in a drawer. Thanks to them, your sex doll will not bore you.

vagina top sex dolls

Lubricated vagina

The WM Doll brand currently offers this special customization. The principle is very simple. Most sex dolls require the use of a lubricating gel to moisturize their holes. However, this is not necessary for this type of vagina. Just a few drops of water and the TPE material in the vagina of the sex doll will self-moisturize.


If you are tempted to experience sex with your sex doll for the first time, there is an opportunity to choose a relatively interesting one-time customization of the hymen, which will not lose this extraordinary experience and you will fully enjoy your primacy.

Heating system

The body temperature of the sex doll also affects the overall sex experience. It is still an inanimate thing and it can be much more pleasant for you to have sex if your body is warmed to the natural temperature of the human body. The heating system can heat the sex doll to a pleasant 36 degrees in 20 minutes. This makes the experience with your sexual companion even more realistic.

Sound system

Does excite you when your partner moans, sighs, and shows you how she likes it or that her orgasm is coming? Your sex doll can do that too. The manufacturers understood that moaning is one of the key aspects that has a positive effect on the overall experience. And the sound system is one of the most popular customizations.

Robot sex dolls and artificial intelligence

The idea of ​​a robotic woman is no longer just a fairy tale of the future. Thanks to robot sex dolls, you can now enjoy very intense lovemaking, in which the sex doll will not only lie motionless, but will, for example, rhythmically move during classic, anal or oral sex, or it will be able to have some basic communication.

For several years now, manufacturers have been working not only on the realistic appearance of sex dolls but also on their abilities, which bring them closer to living people. The most developed sex robots are currently capable of very simple, basic communication with AI elements. There is still a lot of work ahead of engineers and developers in the field of sex robots in terms of real-life mimics and body movements.

Naughty Harbor Tip – the most realistic of the realistic sex dolls

Brunette Sandra

If you are looking for something exceptional, then we recommend choosing this sex doll from the Zelex workshop. She is currently one of the most TOP realistic sex dolls on the market. She is made of silicone and her face looks realistic thanks to freckles, veins, implanted hair, and eyebrows. Her skin is very pleasant to the touch and she takes very good care of her. This is a unique sex doll that is just waiting to become a faithful companion in your common world full of eroticism and sex. Would you like her shorter and cheaper? Within the 130 cm S series, you can have it in a size-reduced version.

ultra real sandra sex doll

Silicone Sex doll Brunette Sandra, 170 cm / C-Cup

Asian Erika

Are you attracted to exotic beauties? Asian girl Erika was born in the workshop of the Sino doll brand and is made of the highest quality silicone. At first glance, she looks like a completely real living woman with all the benefits. It offers a large number of customizations that you will not find in other sex dolls. Thanks to this the feeling of realism will be even more intense during your moments together.

erika sex doll top

Real Sex Doll Asian Erika, 158 cm / D-Cup

Rachel is a beauty from the Starpery workshop. Her gorgeous body is made of TPE and her head is made of silicone. But if you are interested in having it all silicone, the manufacturer also offers this option. Her face is very detailed. Although it looks like an innocent, the opposite is true. She can be passionate and wild, seductive and loving. With its ultra-realistic look, it is unique and original.

bet sex doll rachel

Love Doll Skinny Rachel, 171cm / C-Cup


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