Dressing your silicone doll in various sexy outfits and lacy underwear offers numerous ways to enhance your experience. By pairing different looks with wigs, you can create a seductive cosplay one night and an innocent nurse persona the next.

However, it’s crucial to remember the importance of caring for these accessories. Following a few basic tips can help prevent unwanted staining of your sex doll’s skin or damage to the material, especially when wearing tight underwear.

The standard equipment for each sex doll typically includes a light white satin bathrobe. Why white? Because the color white won’t transfer onto the surface of a silicone or TPE doll. Manufacturers prioritize this to minimize the risk of damage by less experienced users and to avoid subsequent complaints.

Proper care of sex doll clothes is crucial to maintain their quality and prevent staining. Here are some essential tips:

Initial Treatment: The first treatment of clothing is vital. White clothing doesn’t stain, so basic care like regular washing is sufficient.

Colored Clothing

Colored underwear can cause unwanted staining, so treat them properly before use. Soak the clothes in a solution of warm water mixed with white vinegar before the first use. Alternatively, immerse them in pure vinegar for a maximum of 10 minutes. Both methods fix the colors to prevent staining. After soaking, wash the clothes at least twice in clean water. Another option is to add 1/2 cup of salt to the wash, which helps fix the color and prevents fading.

Cold Water

Washing colorful clothes in cold water can also help fix the colors and prevent staining, especially for very colorful items.

Special Agents

Consider using special agents labeled as “color fixing” or “color protection” to help maintain the color of your clothes during washing.

Sapo or Other Solutions

If using sapo or similar solutions, follow a strict procedure to avoid uneven coloring. This includes washing and ironing the clothes, stretching and lining them with a non-absorbent material, thoroughly covering areas to prevent discoloration, spraying the solution gently, rinsing in cold water, and washing as usual. Be cautious when handling sapo as it is a dangerous chemical.

Purchase from Verified Sources

When buying clothes or underwear, ensure you choose a reputable source. Order from verified online stores or physical branches where you can inspect the goods to ensure quality and longevity.

Following these tips will help you properly care for your sex doll clothes, ensuring they remain in good condition and free from staining.


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