Every silicone sex doll deserves quality and proper maintenance. How to proceed and what is necessary to have on hand?

Hygiene as a basis for maximum pleasure

Thorough hygiene and care for your beauty pays off twice. Not only will you prolong the life of a sex doll several times over, but also your every experience with her will be worth it. Not to mention you can avoid other unpleasant surprises, such as rashes, mold, etc., which can be encountered in case of insufficient cleaning and neglect of proper hygiene.

How to proceed with proper hygiene of silicone sex dolls?

Basic needs and tools:

  • Microfiber towel or cloth
  •  Baby oil (only for TPE sex dolls)
  • Enema and disinfectant liquid
  • Quality soft perfume
  • Medical pean (or hemostat) (blunt scissors)
  • A clean sponge.
  • Disinfectant spray

The whole cleansing procedure

You can divide the entire cleaning into several phases. It is basically a cleaning of individual sections, such as the vaginal opening, the anal opening, the mouth and the skin of the sex doll.

For cavities, it is advisable to pay attention to the overall procedure, which always begins with an enema. This will clean the cavity of lubricating gel and other coarse impurities. Once the enema is complete, clean the cavity with a disinfectant spray and then rinse again with the enema. After the second enema, it is necessary to fully dry the entire cavity.

The procedure for cavity hygiene looks like this:

3x enema with lukewarm water

3x disinfection cleaning

2x enema with lukewarm water

complete drying

1. Cleaning the anus

To clean the anus, use a sponge, medical pean(hemostat), enema, disinfectant spray and microfiber cloth. We start by applying disinfectant to the sponge so that these components are fully absorbed into the spongy material. We then hold the sponge with the pean and insert it into the anal opening of the sex doll, where we gradually clean the walls of this cavity by rotating the scissors.

After pulling out the sponge, it is necessary to rinse the cavities with an enema or a shower and then dry them with a microfiber cloth or a dry sponge, which we insert into the cavity with the pean. Be careful not to wipe the anal cavity of the wall when drying, but only dry it out (just let the dry sponge absorb excess water). When wiping, there is a risk of tearing the wall material and damaging it.

2. Cleaning the vagina and vaginal opening


The vaginal cavity is cleaned very similarly to the anal cavity, but not all sex dolls have a fixed vagina. For this reason, we must take into account whether we will clean the space of the fixed vagina or the space after removing the removable one. Although our sex doll has a removable vagina, it is necessary to clean the area in which the vagina is located, as body fluids get there as well, as well as bacteria, moisture and possible mold.

When cleaning the cavity for the vagina or the cavity of the fixed vagina, proceed in the same way as for the anal opening. However, cleaning the removable vagina is much easier. All you have to do is take the vagina to the bathroom by the washbasin and clean it with a fine sponge with a disinfectant spray both inside and on the surface. Then just rinse and dry the vagina.

3. Cleaning the mouth

Here it is necessary to take into account whether our sex doll has a removable tongue and teeth. If so, we take them out and clean them separately. This will also help us to clean our mouths more easily.

As the sex doll’s mouth is easily accessible, cleaning is very easy. But even here, be careful and proceed gently. Clean the mouth with a sponge of disinfectant and soap. Then rinse and dry them again.

If the mouth has removable components, wash them in the bathroom normally like with a removable vagina.

4. Clean the skin

When cleaning the skin, just wash the doll under a stream of cold or lukewarm water. If necessary, use a disinfectant spray to remove bacteria in certain places. The TPE sex doll is easy to clean with oil and a sponge – the color of the surface is already in the material during production, so the color cannot rub off. However, silicone sex dolls are only sprayed with color when they are made and this color can be removed with oil – that’s why we don’t recommend cleaning silicone love dolls with oil and sponge, but only with soap/gel and a very soft baby sponge + do not press on the silicone to avoid smearing the paint.

When washing, we highly recommend storing the sex doll in the bathtub. Of course, the doll can also be washed in the shower, but there is a risk that it will fall and be damaged. Once it has been washed, dry the skin very lightly with a cloth or microfiber towel by lightly tapping and applying a soft towel. Never wipe off the water!

After the whole “operation” we can apply a pleasant, light perfume without alcohol on the skin, which will increase the enjoyment for your next session.

If colored stains on clothes appear on the skin, it is necessary to use a special stain remover for TPE material. Simply apply this stain remover to the affected area with cotton swabs and leave on for a few hours. Repeat the process until the stains are completely removed.

5. Hair cleaning

It is necessary to remove the wig to clean the hair. Wash it with cold or lukewarm water and instead of the classic shampoo, choose special cosmetics for the care of artificial hair fiber. It is very important to pay attention to the drying process and avoid squeezing or drying hair on the heater. We also do not dry the hair with a hair dryer, but simply let it dry naturally ideally on a wig rack.

You will learn more about how to care for your sex doll’s wig in this article.

What to think about when cleaning? Important!

TPE material is prone to high temperatures, so it is not appropriate to bathe, wash or rinse sex dolls made from this material with warm water, which could clearly deform the material.

Another very significant mistake you can make in hygiene is the use of alcohol as a disinfectant. We should avoid alcohol as much as possible during any work with sex dolls. It has a very harmful effect on silicone and TPE. It is also always necessary to use a soft microfiber towel. A rough cloth with a rough surface will easily damage the sex doll’s skin or the wall of the cavities.

Avoid using classic soaps and other cleansers for which you do not know exactly the composition. Use cleaning agents specially designed for silicone and TPE sex dolls.


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