Have you almost clicked the Submit Order button several times? We have prepared a Mini Naughty guide for the hesitant. We hope that it will help you answer some of the questions that discourage you from buying the sex doll of your dreams.

I don’t know what material to choose

► +/- of silicone: Higher resistance to heat, water, and stains, less porosity and adhesion, greater durability, less susceptibility to damage, easier to repair and clean, odorless, and allows for the highest degree of realism. It is more expensive, harder, and less elastic than TPE.

► +/- TPE: Elastic, flexible, soft, and gentle, has a high material memory (the doll is better positioned), conducts heat well, and is more affordable than silicone. It is stickier (resolved with powder), less resistant to temperature and stains, and has a light smell that quickly disappears.

  • It is not possible to say unequivocally that one material is better or worse. They have different characteristics, and it depends on what purpose you are primarily buying the doll for. Based on practical and long-term experience, we can warmly recommend both TPE and silicone dolls.

Not sure about the type of vagina

► Built-in: It imitates the female body perfectly and is very realistic. It is firmly fixed in the doll’s body and cannot be removed. The insert cannot be loosened, but it cant be replaced. When cleaning, you need to handle the entire doll.

► Removable: This is an insert in the shape of a vagina, which is placed in the cavity in the vaginal area. The insert is removable and replaceable. Cleaning is very simple, as you only need to remove the insert and it is not necessary to move the entire doll into the shower.

How about an electric-sucking vagina? All you have to do is connect the doll to an electrical outlet or charge the batteries of the external drive, and her vagina will begin to suck your thing down there. This type of vagina is offered, for example, by the brands Zelex, WM DOLL, Irontech Doll, or Starpery.

“Must have” customization

After a few years in the company of erotic dolls, we dare to say that we know what your beauty should have. Boobs, ass, sexy smile, sure… but also:

► Gel breasts: This luxurious variant of breasts filled with gel, which are more pleasant to the touch in all sizes, is offered by many brands for a small extra charge, but often also in the basic version.

► Articulated fingers: The popular brand WM DOLL has recently developed a new premium hand skeleton with ball joints and springs to extend its life. Version 3.0 is more flexible, realistic, and able to firmly hold grasped objects. However, most manufacturers offer this customization in different versions and believe us, realistically made hands with the possibility of setting them in different positions will add a lot of beauty to the doll.


The trend in the world of silicone beauties is clear. The greatest possible realism is both in appearance and robotic customizations.

Improved skeletons: Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve love dolls. With a significant improvement of the skeleton, the ZELEX brand has now come with the EXP Skeleton with improved joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, and waist providing dolls with much wider possibilities of movements and poses. This is an expanded version of the traditional EVO Skeleton, which allows sex dolls to perform much more natural and realistic movements.

Movable hips: Robotic customization mimicking the movements of women during lovemaking is trendy. Selected Sy Doll dolls can seductively circle their hips and SEDOLL beauties even move them back and forth. Other brands offering robotic hip customizations include Irontechdoll and Jiusheng.




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