Are you a lover or owner of a sex doll? You are not the only one. The community of sex dolls is growing every year. The popularity of erotic love dolls is becoming a phenomenon that has spread from bedrooms and private homes to the film industry. A somewhat controversial topic at first, now a matter that filmmakers are not at all afraid of.

For the next few days, you don’t have to look for a movie to watch. We have a list of the 10 hottest movies where sexy silicone love dolls play the lead role. “Must see” for all admirers, lovers, and owners of these beauties.

Cherry 2000 (1987)

Proof that realistic sex dolls have not only appeared in movies in recent years is the 1987 film Cherry 2000. This story follows businessman Sam Treadwell, who, due to his demanding job, has no time to spend his life with any woman and he gets an android wife Cherry.

Unfortunately, during one passionate scene, his wife short-circuits, so he is forced to buy a new one. With the help of an acquaintance, he embarks on a battle to find where and how to get the right android parts to revive his beloved woman – even if he has to lose his life in the process.

Which beauty would you choose as your android wife?


Monique (2002)

Alex and Claire are an ordinary married couple who find their lives boring. They do not communicate with each other, they live separate lives. After a long time, Claire leaves and decides to live with her teacher – a sculptor. Alex feels abandoned, so he decides to order a sex doll, Monique, who will completely change his life. Alex falls in love with Monique in such a way that his relationship with her begins to affect his behavior toward other people.

The film Monique is an example of how an extremely strong relationship with a “replacement” of a living woman can affect the normal functioning of an ordinary man who stops perceiving his real life and the world around him.

Get your own Monique.


Love Object (2003)

The story introduces us to the life of the eccentric Kenneth Winslow, who has great difficulty meeting someone. One day at work, he meets a new assistant, Lisa, and because he knows he can’t win her over, he decides to order a realistic doll Nikki, which he will remake in his image. Thanks to the gained self-confidence, he gradually begins to get closer to Lisa as well even if what helped him to do so will eventually catch up with him anyway.

 This movie points out that getting a sex doll can improve your social relationships, especially if you are afraid to make the first move and approach a real woman. A bizarre horror triangle is what Love Object offers.

Who does Aneyra remind you of?


Love Me, Love My Doll (2007)

In this case, it’s not just a classic movie. It is a documentary that follows the fates and lives of several men who found love in silicone sex dolls. A documentary that examines the reasons why this artificial beauty is their companion. In these intimate personal confessions, the film shows what happiness and satisfaction these men find in sex dolls.

Interesting movie with straight answers, and no sugarcoating. A documentary about how and why some men find happiness with sex dolls. We believe that you will also see yourself in their lives.

How about getting a new companion?


Lars and The Real Girl (2007)

This story is about an old lad (Ryan Gosling), who buys a silicone doll Bianca on the internet. His priority is not a sexual relationship. He longs for a real and long relationship with Bianca. He tries to get her involved in all aspects of everyday life – from going to church to her job as a cashier in a dress shop. The film humorously and sensitively discusses the fact that even a weirdo can be happy.

This American film surprisingly found many admirers even though it didn’t make much money.

How about taking Pauline with you to Sunday church?


Air Doll (2009)

If you are a lover of Japanese manga, then you will definitely like this extraordinary film, which is inspired by this style. This movie tells the story of a realistic love doll Nozomi and her owner. Nozomi secretly explores the city and tries to figure out who she is.

A very interesting story that makes you think about many life questions. What does it mean to be human? What shapes us and what makes us who we are? Just a small spectrum of questions in this interestingly conceived story.

How about showing the world to Kanyah?


She (2013)

The plot of the film She takes place in the near future. This story is not about a relationship with a physical sex doll, but rather with an artificially created intelligence that represents a unique and intuitive being. Here, Theodor (Joaquin Phoenix) meets AI Samantha, who is very kind, interesting, and sensitive. Their initially friendly relationship turns into a love affair.

Reactions to this American romantic drama with sci-fi elements have been quite positive. It is true that anything that smacks science fiction, if a little better processed, usually has a positive response. But we recommend you watch this movie and then decide if you would watch it again. Or whether you could imagine the relationship with AI elements yourself.

Do you want to have a sensitive and loving relationship with blonde Shanny?


Ex Machina (2014)

The film tells the story of Caleb, who wins a very special prize during a competition – a week’s stay at a mountain lodge with his employer, the brilliant scientist Nathan. Staying at this place suggests from the moment you arrive that it will be a very unusual and life-long experience. Not only does he see an ultra-modern building resembling an anti-war bunker, but he also meets a very special girl, Ava. It is a unique technological experiment of its inventor. Caleb was called to this place for a simple reason – his task is to interact with Ava. How will this test go?

The film from the production of Great Britain enjoyed quite strong critics. But as they say – 100 people, 100 different tastes. Watch it for yourself and then decide.

Test your interactions with Enith


A.I. Rising (2018)

The plot of the film takes place in the very distant future during a space mission, on which the protagonist takes a female android that is programmed to fulfill all his wishes and desires. So he decides to test and experiment with her.

The movie shows the so-called algorithmic future. The time when it is going to be possible to upload android technology to realistic sex dolls, so humans can fall in love with a person and share their feelings.

Let’s face it, this is a really big challenge for developers and it’s nice to dream about it. Most watchers rather talk about the fact that the film is more like a kind of sci-fi porn. So a lot is going on there. Are you curious? Then you have a new plan for tonight.

Enjoy hyper galactic sex with Sheena


Dummy (2020)

Dummy is an American independent series in which the popular Anna Kendrick played the main role of Cody Heller, who finds a robotic sex doll in her friend’s house. A series is full of drama and laughter. A realistic love doll will become her companion/friend for life. They sail through life and drive through the American Midwest together.

The series is not afraid to get into the issue of self-perception, the concept of feminism, and the fact that you don’t need to have a human being with you as a partner.

Go on a trip with the seductive beauty Ava



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