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the best sex dolls
best sex dolls

The Best Sex Dolls – Idistinguishable From Living Women

The current trend in the world of realistic sex dolls is to achieve the most realistic appearance of sex dolls....

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sex doll for handicap men
female robot

The benefits of sex dolls for disabled and handicapped men

As the human lifespan increases, the rate of disability in the population increases with age. But the need for intimacy...

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How to fix sex doll

How to fix Sex Doll? Minor repairs that you can handle yourself

Although the sex dolls are made of very elastic TPE material, an accident can happen here and there, in which...

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how to clean sex dolls

How to clean Sex Dolls? Become a real expert

Every silicone sex doll deserves quality and proper maintenance. How to proceed and what is necessary to have on hand?...

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sex with male sex doll naughty harbor
male sex dolls

Amy (34): I restored my lost sexual confidence thanks to experimenting with a realistic male doll

Finally, after many years I‘m enjoying sex again! And it wasn't the work of a highly paid psychologist. Rather,I am...

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sex with male sex doll Nick naughty harbor
male sex dolls

Rose (36): How Nick, the male sex doll, satisfied my desires with his never-ending erection

As for my sexual needs, I'm quite demanding. The more the better and that goes for me as well. Unfortunately...

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