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erotic story Foursome
exchange of partners

Erotic Story: An Unconventional Foursome With An Exchange Of Partners

"Love, how about we try sex with more people?" I have to admit that this question took me completely by...

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erotic story sex with teacher
sex with teacher

Erotic Story: Dream Sex With Teacher Margaret

It was terrible... "How the hell am I supposed to concentrate?" I thought to myself almost every time I looked...

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silicone sex doll sex
silicone baby

Erotic Story: Perfect Pre-wedding Sex With A Prostitute

The bachelor party is sometimes pretty wild. And believe me, I know what I'm talking about. A very strange incident...

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erotic story: sex young girl
hot girl

Erotic Story: Unforgettable Sex With A Friend’s Daughter

"Get another beer for Jan," a friend shouted to my daughter as soon as I put the empty bottle on...

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vr sex erotic story
virtual reality

Erotic Story: Unexpected Sex With VR Porn Star

"You won't regret investing in virtual reality." The salesman winked at me conspiratorially. "I understand you're taking the VR set...

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erotic story anime sex
anime sex

Sex Story: Wild Sex With Anime Girl Izumi

I will be honest. I've never really liked anime. My last experience was with Pokemon. And I have to say...

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erotic ctory black
black woman

Erotic Story: Sex With A Black Woman

The last year, I was working on an important project and had to go to a corporate meeting in the...

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story about silicone doll
silicone baby

Karl (50): A Silicone Doll Helped Me After The Divorce

Sometimes very strange things happen to each of us in life that we would rather keep to ourselves. However, sometimes...

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