Anal Sex With A Realistic Sex Doll. Break Social Taboos

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Anal sex, even though it is a really well-known and pleasant practice, is a social taboo for many people. However, for anyone interested, there is an opportunity to enjoy it fully with a silicone sex doll. How good are realistic Sex Dolls in anal sex?

Anal sex with a Sex Doll. What is it?

anal sex with sex doll

The most important thing is that it is available. There is perhaps no bigger problem than having a partner who is not willing to enjoy this practice at all. Even so, according to, up to 40% of women aged 25-40 have experienced anal sex, although only small amount of these women are willing to practice it.

During anal sex with an artificial silicone female robot, you don’t face any refusals, since everything is just a matter of your personal taste. Nothing will stop you from becoming fully involved. Anal sex with a sex doll is almost indistinguishable from sex with a woman due to the high realistic design of the doll. In addition, it can be repeated often, which is not possible with a living and willing woman, as the rectum can easily become irritated. Sex Dolls do not face this problem. She can do it anytime and for any length of time.

The best sex doll is no cheap blow up doll. Thanks to the fact that the doll is equipped with a metal frame with steel joints, she can be adjusted to any position for full satisfaction. Access to the anus is very simple.

How to clean the silicone anus?

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You can easily clean the anal cavity with the disinfectant, enema and a microfiber towel. First you perform a regular enema and then disinfect the entire area. Disinfection is made with the help of a sponge and a disinfectant solution. Wrap the medical clamp carefully into a sponge.

Insert the clamp with a sponge  into the cavity and clean the area properly. It is essential that the inner spaces of the anal opening are washed thoroughly, feel free to repeat the entire process twice. After cleaning, dry the area with a towel or cloth. In principle, always use microfiber towels that will not damage the cavity.

We also recommend washing the parts where you touch the silicone doll. Sometimes these parts may be sweaty and must be at least wiped off.

Anal sex with a Sex Doll benefits

anal sex with sex doll 2

  1. In general, it is much more pleasant

Since the doll’s anal opening is simply narrower, the pleasure of its penetration is much more pleasant. In addition, anal sex gives men a sense of rebellion by breaking social taboos. It is about exploring new levels of sex and sexual positions. And it’s worth a try!

  1. Can break a regular pattern

The best thing about Sex Dolls is that you can really use them for anything at any time.

  1. It gives you more confidence

Even though the Sex Dolls are artificial, they will give you the best possibilities for positions and technique training. By allowing yourself to try everything possible, you gain more experience and self-confidence. It will be you who will have an experience that most men never have at all. This will also make it easier for you to persuade a living partner to practice anal sex.



What are the best positions?

anal sex with sex doll 3

Doggy style

The classic position represents a simple but very effective position,  the penetration is quite easy and not so rough.The biggest advantage  is that the Sex Doll is completely stable and you  don’t have to hold her.


Offers the best penetration of all positions ever. It can be a little more energetic, but the penis gets into the hole very effectively and fully. All you have to do is sit down and simply lift and lay the doll’s buttock with your hands during a repetitive cycle. If you hold the position, you will strengthen your arms, but you will also have a great experience.


If you love to have your beauty nicely under you in the most vulnerable position, then this position is the right one for you. It allows you to dominate while you see the girl’s face only from the profile or not at all. It’s up to you whether you grab her hair, neck or lean her back. In addition, you can press her back with any force.

Butter Churner

As the name suggests, this position is mainly about heavy penetration from top to bottom. Getting into this position can be more challenging, but worth it. Sex dolls here have a unique advantage, they do not get tired. You can always enjoy yourself in this position for as long as you want.


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