Sex dolls are available in two main materials: TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and silicone. The TPE material used to imitate the surface of sex dolls is safe, non-toxic and does not emit any chemical odors.

TPE dolls are hypoallergenic and safe to use. They do not contain phthalates or latex. They feature a high degree of realism and are very pleasant and soft to the touch. Find out how to care for them properly so that they last you a long time in perfect condition.

When caring for a TPE sex doll, it is important to follow a few guidelines

Maintenance of TPE dolls is key because TPE is a more porous material than silicone, which means it absorbs more moisture and is more prone to damage from improper care.

However, with regular and proper care, a TPE sex doll can be kept in immaculate condition for a long time, minimizing the risk of damaging it and enjoying its intimate services to the fullest.

  1. Monthly checks are recommended, but if you use it frequently, it is advisable to repeat the powdering process more frequently..
  2. Remove moisture. Excess moisture can penetrate the material and cause damage or mold.
  3. Prolonged storage of TPE products may cause oil to be released on their surface. This is a normal phenomenon caused by the presence of oil in the material composition. Oil stains can be easily removed by wiping the surface with a microfiber towel.
  4. Prolonged bending of the joints can lead to creases in the skin. To prevent permanent damage, it is advisable to keep the sex doll in the starting position in which it was delivered, which minimizes the load on the joints.
  5. Dressing dolls: When dressing the doll, use powder to prevent the fabric from sticking to the skin. Avoid over bending the limbs and handle clothing with care, sharp clothing features can damage the surface.
  6. Do not exceed the recommended range of limb movement to avoid damaging the material.
  7. Use water-based lubricants: easy to clean and compatible with TPE material.

How to store a TPE doll?

how to care tpe dolls

  • Avoid prolonged exposure of TPE doll to sunlight, moisture and dust.
  • Keep the doll in a dry and temperature stable environment.
  • Avoid direct contact with materials that can transfer color to TPE skin (clothing, sofa, colored blankets)

Basic cleaning of the TPE doll

Start by soaking a sponge or towel in lukewarm water and gently wipe the surface of the doll. Alternatively, rinse the surface with lukewarm water. When rinsing in the shower or bathtub, avoid wetting the head (we recommend removing the head to clean it separately).

When removing dirt or stains from the skin, use lukewarm soapy water and avoid strong friction. Do not use force when cleaning to avoid damaging the surface.

  • Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents. In case of stains, use a special stain remover for TPE material.

For cleaning or drying, prefer air drying or soft towel drying. Caution! Never use hair dryers when drying the doll, as the intense hot air can damage the TPE material.

Once the surface is completely dry, apply powder to the surface of the doll using a brush, this will help keep its skin soft and smooth.

Cleaning the cavities

  1. Start by using an enema with lukewarm water to remove lubricating gel and other impurities.
  2. Then use a disinfectant spray and leave it on.
  3. Gently dry the holes with a dry cloth and let them dry naturally.
  4. Repeat this process until the holes are completely clean.

Do not use on TPE dolls:

  • Bleach and alcohol: It is too aggressive for the TPE material, degrades it and damages the doll’s appearance.
  • Dish soap: This type of soap is too strong to remove stains from TPE dolls, as it is designed to fight food stains.
  • Boiling water: Although hot water is appropriate, extreme temperatures are harmful to the TPE material.
  • Oil-based lubricants: they are poorly cleaned and can react negatively with the TPE material, leading to damage.


TPE dolls are sought after for their realism and pleasant material. Although they require careful maintenance, with regular care and proper handling they can last a long time in great condition and can give you an excitement-filled pleasurable experience.


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