We prepared a map for you with current sex doll brothels across the entire planet. So you can easily imagine how wide-spread this specific style of eroticism is and can be inspired (not only) in sex travelling. Please notice, that most of these brothels do not provide a publicly accurate address in order to protect the  anonymity of their clients. So you should contact them first and book a particular girl (or guy) by email or telephone.

Naughty Harbor

Prague, Czech republic

The first Czech brothel with artificial sex dolls was opened in November of 2018 in Prague. It offers 3 female sex dolls and 1 male doll. Service quality and absolute anonymity are guaranteed. Not only can you use the sex doll using virtual reality, but there are also various erotic toys available for you.

WEB: https://siliconeprague.com 

Kontakthof brothel

Sex doll brothels world map by Naughty Harbor 1

Vienna, Austria

This brothel became well-known mainly due to the media, which featured the story of its innovative owner. She added one artificial girl (Fanny) to her sex workers and Fanny soon became more popular for customers than her live colleagues. With Fanny constantly overbooked, the innovative owner of this increasingly popular brothel ordered another inanimate companion.

Playmate Dolls 

Toronto, Canada

This Toronto company offers 11 sex dolls with whom you can spend hot moments right in their club or have them sent to your place for a fee. It is the largest brothel with artificial sex dolls in Canada.

WEB: https://www.playmatedolls.com/

Bella Dolls 

Vancouver, Canada

Soon after opening in November of 2018, the company was confronted with many complaints and allegations of pornography by the public. However, the business addressed all complaints and officials confirmed that the company doesn’t violate any laws with their activities.

WEB: https://www.belladolls.com/ladies

The Dolly Parlour 

London, Great Britain

The first English sex doll brothel opened for their clients in February of 2018 and currently has 4 dolls.

WEB: http://www.dollyparlour.co.uk/


Dortmund, Germany

Probably the first sex doll brothel in the world. Owner Evelyn Schwartz employs a group of artificial prostitutes in her company. You can choose your favorite from among 20 sex dolls and there is also male sex doll on the menu.

WEB: http://www.bordoll.de/

LumiDolls brothel 

Sex doll brothels world map by Naughty Harbor 2

Barcelona, Spain

LumiDolls is one of the very first brothels with realistic sex dolls opened in 2018. It offers 8 different girls and 1 silicone male doll. Expect to pay €100 per hour. You can also use sex dolls along with virtual reality there or go in for various fetishes or BDSM.

WEB: https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-barcelona

Moscow, Russia

Barcelona was followed by the opening of a sex doll brothel under the LumiDolls brand in Moscow. You can choose from two girls for the same price as in Spain.

WEB: https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-moscow

Torino, Italy

This company offers 6 sex dolls and 1 male doll at your service. 

WEB: https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-turin

Nagoya, Japan

Recently, the first company in Japan opened. In their offer you can find 4 sexy girls now who are ready to fulfil your secret erotic wishes.

WEB: https://lumidolls.com/en/hotel-nagoya

Unique Dolls 

Helsinki, Finland

Russian company dealing with sex dolls opened this brothel in Helsinki in November of 2018. You can choose from 4 beautiful artificial dolls and will pay €100 per hour.

Xdolls brothel 

Sex doll brothels world map by Naughty Harbor 3

Paris, France

You can also book your night with a sex doll in Paris. In the beginning, the public was against this kind of business, so you will find only a reservation form on the website.

WEB: https://xdolls.fr/

Have you found any sex doll brothels missing in our list? Write us

Sex dolls are becoming very popular in the world, so it is expected that there are new brothels opening worldwide. If you find some that are not on our list, please don’t hesitate to write us. Your information will be added. It may also happen that some companies must shut down their businesses due to public outcry or state laws, which recently happened in China, Canada and Scotland. 





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