If you are planning to buy your first sex doll or would like to expand your collection of sexy dolls with another unique piece, we will advise you on how to choose the right sex doll that would fully suit your needs.

First, you need to know how to avoid buying a counterfeit sex doll, what material to choose, and how to estimate the ideal weight and price of a sex doll. But also what vagina options are available, whether to consider implanted hair in addition to the wig, and what type of breasts, pubic hair, and legs to choose.

And last but not least, It‘s good knowing what accessories are available. Of course, we can‘t forget the basic information about the care and proper storage of a sex doll because it will affect both the experience of intimate moments and her longevity.

Counterfeit sex dolls

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We recommend shopping only at verified retailers and e-shops. This will avoid future problems with returns and customer service. At the same time, you won’t have to think about whether it’s an original sex doll or a low-quality copy.

Focus on client reviews and personal experiences, either directly on erotic forums and various thematic groups focusing directly on sex dolls.

As a newcomer to the world of sex dolls, you can certainly be alerted to a counterfeit by a significantly lower price than most competitors that sell sex dolls. It is the first important warning that something is wrong. You may save money, but the problems associated with copying the original sex doll will come relatively soon – poor quality, bad manufacturing, and short life of the sexy doll.

Choice of material

Most sex dolls are currently made of two materials – TPE and SILICONE. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of TPE sex dolls is the lower price. Sex dolls made of TPE material tend to be cheaper by hundreds of dollars compared to silicone dolls.

Advantages of TPE

  • lower price
  • TPE material is elastic, flexible, and soft
  • holds heat well

Disadvantage of TPE

  • the surface is more sticky
  • lower resistance to stains
  • the new TPE doll has a slight “plastic” odor which disappears after the first wash

Originally, only silicone was used to make sex dolls. However, thanks to modern technologies, the use of cheaper TPE materials has expanded. Both TPE and silicon have their pros and cons.

The benefits of silicone

  • is more durable and less prone to damage
  • easier to repair and clean
  • is less sticky than TPE
  • more resistant to heat, water, and stains
  • odorless

Disadvantages of silicone

  • it its harder and less elastic than TPE
  • higher price

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silicone doll

Weight of the sex doll 

This is a feature that can be easily overlooked. However, it is important, to know the weight of the sex doll, so you can carry it. Usually, the bigger proportion the sex doll has, the heavier it will be. If you do not visit the gym often or you are not a professional weightlifter, then a sex doll weighing more than 88 lbs/40 kg could cause you some difficulty.

In the beginning, we recommend trying sex doll weighing up to 66 lbs/30 kg. Another option is to choose a sexy doll that falls directly into the category of a lightweight sex dolls. These special sex dolls have reduced weight resulting in improved body structure, thanks to which they are lighter and easier to handle during sex and washing.

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lightweight sex doll


Consider the maximum amount you are willing to spend on this unique companion. If you have a bigger budget, we recommend choosing sex dolls from manufacturers focused on the production of silicone dolls, i.e., Starpery, Sino doll, Gynoid, Zelex, Elsa Babe, Future Doll, Irokebijin, Irontech doll, or Piper doll.

Although silicone dolls are more expensive, they are very realistic and indistinguishable from living ones. Silicone allows you to create even the smallest details such as veins, freckles, wrinkles, etc.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sex doll, choose a TPE doll that also has some great qualities. A good choice would be the sex doll from brands such as JY Doll, WM Doll, Jarliet Doll, AF Doll, AS Doll, Doll4ever, HR Doll, OR Doll, SEDoll, or YL Doll. These TPE sex dolls are very beautiful and reasonably priced. Not only among customers but at the Naughty Harbor are these sexy dolls among the most popular and sought after.

Vagina options

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When buying a sex doll, you will be able to choose from two types of vagina – fixed and removable. The names say it all.

The fixed vagina is firmly attached to the body’s sex doll. This makes the experience very realistic. This vagina is fully structured just like the vagina of a living woman. This type of vagina tends to be tighter. Its main disadvantage is its more complicated cleaning, due to the necessary manipulation of the entire sex doll. In addition, a fixed vagina cannot be replaced with new one.

The removable vagina provides the same realistic experience of vaginal sex as the fixed vagina, but it can be removed from the body’s sex doll. The vaginal insert is usually made of high-quality TPE and you can choose from variously structured variants. Removable vaginas are easy to clean and change, so you can have more of them at your disposal.                     

Hair choices

Implanted hair and pubic hair can make a sex doll even more realistic. Plus, you don’t need to attach a wig.

The advantage of sex dolls wigs is easier hair care and the ability to exchange it whenever you want. The sex doll can look completely different every day.

TIP: However, if you decided on implanted hair and pubic hair, we recommend choosing it in combination with silicone material, because it holds well the hair.

Breast types

When choosing a sex doll, you can choose from three breast variants at most manufacturers.

  1. Solid breasts are filled with the same material as a sex doll. However, the larger breasts can be quite hard to the touch.
  2. Hollow breasts are filled with air and are pleasant to the touch in all sizes.
  3. Gel breasts are filled with a special gel. These are among our favorites. They are very realistic to the touch and the eye, closest to the natural breasts of living women.

Feet options

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The vast majority of sex dolls come with normal legs but we do offer legs with the possibility of standing. This feature will allow the sex doll to stand on its own two feet safely, without the risk of damage – even in shoes.

It is important to realize that every sex doll has a metal skeleton inside the body that weighs a few pounds. When the skeleton has screws on the feet, as in the customization of a stand-on foot, the sexy doll can stand safely. A small disadvantage for some may be that the screws outside the skin are constantly peeking out.                        

Basic accessories

Whatever sex doll you choose, it is important to take good care of it. Disinfection is one of the basic accessories that you should have at home. It must not contain alcohol to be as gentle as possible to the material from which the sex doll is made. Furthermore, you can’t be without a water-based lubricating gel. We recommend purchasing it in a one-liter size.

The powder is an essential accessory for TPE dolls owners. You can get a special disinfectant or a classic children’s powder. It is applied to the TPE skin, ideally with a cosmetic brush after each wash, so it does not stick. This can’t be used for silicone dolls.


Taking care of a sex doll may seem easy but it is a very important activity that will increase its lifespan, and reduce the number of repairs, therefore you don’t have to buy a new sex doll unnecessarily early.

The sex doll must be cleaned after each use and contact with any fluids. Not only its surfaces but especially its holes/vagina. Regular care of her love holes is very important. For proper cleaning it is best to use an enema or showerhead and then disinfect it.

From time to time is necessary to oil the sex doll (ideally with baby oil) in places with lots of pressure, such as joints. We also recommend applying cream. This will increase her durability. Because just as human skin is strained, so is the skin (material) of the sex doll, so it needs to be lubricated. Don’t forget to take care of a wig and some minor damages.


Part of the care of the sex doll is its appropriate storage. Don’t expect to lock her in a closet or hide her under the bed.

The ideal option is to hang the sex doll on a hook in a suitable space. But you can store it in the box in which it came because it is padded and designed for the sex doll’s storage.

Another option is to place the sex doll in a safe place on the mattress so it is not pushed against the hard surface. It is important to avoid contact with direct sunlight, moisture, and dust.

How to dress a sex doll?

Watch out for materials that have a greater tendency to release color (jean material). The surface of the sex doll can absorb the color and you would need to clean it with a special cream. We also recommend washing all new clothes in vinegar, including linen and sheets before use – this will prevent any stains on her skin.

Naughty tip

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Get 2 sex dolls for the price of 1 – how to do it? There is nothing easier than throwing a second extra sex doll head in the basket/cart during the order. Thanks to a simple and quick head exchange, you can change the look of your sexy doll. You can make love to a passionate brunette in the morning and cuddle with a romantic blonde in the evening. Or vice versa.

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