One of the other options to make your sexual moments more pleasant, whether you are a woman, a man, or a transsexual, is to buy a male sex doll. A possible surprise for some, a certain standard for others.

The fact is that many manufacturers no longer only focus on realistic sex dolls. How has the trend changed over the past few years, who is most interested in male sex dolls and what can they offer?

Male versions of sex dolls

real male sex doll

Today’s realistic male dolls can satisfy sexual desires just like sex dolls. The target group for sex dolls is not only men who desire an exciting sex doll for fucking, but also women, homosexuals, or other groups who desire fulfillment of sexual experiences.

A few years ago, male sex dolls were offered only by a few brands such as Irontechdoll or WM doll. The main problem was that the survey showed that the male sex dolls were not attractive enough to women. The reason was simple. Manufacturers tended to use the same boring models of male dolls. Today, customers can choose from a wide range of selections, such as a hairy and rough-looking male doll.

The intimate needs of men and women are different

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Many psychologists and sociologists have dealt with answers to the topic of the intimate needs of men and women. They found that they were diametrically different. They explored the emotional and physical side of things. At the same time, they found out that even a woman is willing to satisfy her sexual desires with the help of various tools and other helpers, which, compared to men, they do not talk about so easily.

As a result, women did not even want to get involved in the creation and development of sexual tools for a long time. Modern times, however, have freed women and other specific groups (homosexuals, transgender people) not only in the field of eroticism and sex.

The term male sex doll started 20 years or so when many companies decided to work to satisfy the needs of a wider range of customers. For the sake of interest – the ratio of customers who are interested in silicone dolls is roughly 25% compared to 75% of customers who demand female sex dolls.

The demand for male versions of sex dolls regularly rises every year, and their appearance also changes – from effeminate types to muscular ones. However, gentle male types still keep their fan base.

The target group for male sex dolls

It’s not just women who feel lonely, have no sexual partner, and find it easier to get a male sex doll rather than pick someone up in a bar or on the street.

This includes homosexuals, transgender people, or married couples who decide to spice up their sex life together. It can also be interesting for them that they sometimes have both a silicone sex doll and a male sex doll.

Another group that seeks the company of male sex dolls is people with disabilities – mental or physical.

In terms of quality, sex dolls and sex doll males are very similar. However, men’s and women’s bodies differ between brands. A classic sex doll can provide you with a much larger number of customizations. In addition, realistic sex dolls are not that heavy, thus it’s easier to handle them.

If a person with a little strength decides to get a male sexual partner, he must take into account that male sex dolls are much heavier than regular sex dolls, sometimes by as much as 20 kg. A weight of around 50-60 kg can be a big problem in handling, care, and sex itself. If you are considering buying a male sex doll, but the higher weight discourages you, a trans sex doll or a small and lightweight sex doll with the possibility of customizing a plug-in penis is offered as an alternative.

Male sex doll manufacturers

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Male sex dolls are currently produced and sold by only a few brands. Brands such as Irontechdoll, WM doll, AF Doll, and HRDoll offer the largest range of realistic dolls of high quality and appearance. A narrower assortment of dolls is also offered by 6Ye Doll, AS Doll, Jarliet, JYDoll, Sino-Doll, or SY Doll.

The Irontech Doll brand is clearly among the leaders in the production of dolls, whose offer of male sex dolls is the most extensive and of the highest quality. The figures from this workshop look realistic and natural. Irontech doll uses quality materials that are very durable and practical for maintenance. In their selection, you can find everything from a worn-out hero from the Middle Ages to a fit muscular guy playing in the NBA basketball league.

Customization for realistic sex males – penis in the main role

custom male sex doll naughtyharbor,com

Customization for male sex dolls is not as extensive as for sex dolls. It’s logical. The male body has different proportions, it is necessary to focus on other parts, and because it is also heavier, different types of positions are slightly limited.

The structure of customization is the same as for sex dolls – some manufacturers offer more or fewer choices. Of course, one of the main features of a male doll is the penis. You can choose hard or soft.

  • A hard, constantly erect penis is intended for sexual intercourse.
  • A soft penis cannot be used for intercourse as it’s extremely soft. However, there are customers who for certain reasons choose this option, which is why some brands offer it, i.e., 6YE Doll.

If you have a chance to choose how big the penis will be, you will do it. Brands offering male-sex dolls offer 2 variants as standard. Either you choose the straight length of the penis or its circumference, or there is also the option of the brand to order 2 different sizes of the penis and change them (brands AF Doll, HR Doll). In addition, changing the penis is very simple. Just unscrew the original penis and screw in another one.

Naughty tip 

In addition to classic male dolls, there is an option to purchase a shemale sex doll. It is a classic sex doll that has an attachable penis. The penis can be attached to almost any sex doll you choose. You are not limited by having to choose from only a few pieces. One day you can indulge in playing with a sexy beauty, and the next day you can invite another girl, who thanks to a permanently erect penis will taste an unusual pleasure.

The shemale sex doll has all sex doll customizations available plus you can also choose a retractable replacement penis. It is simply inserted into the body of the sex doll’s vagina, and you can eject it without any problems.

shemale sex doll

A robotic sex doll male? The fairy tale of the future? Along with the development of robotic sex dolls, manufacturers are also working on robotic male dolls. One company abroad has already developed one of these, however, considering that women are more attached to feelings than only to the sexual act, they built its existence more on being able to show love, read poems, and communicate about various social topics.

3 Top male sex dolls Naughty Harbor recommends

The seductive handsome Gael comes from the workshop of the Irontech Doll brand. It belongs to the group of most successful pieces made of silicone. Thanks to it, it stands out with the most realistic details. His penis is constantly erect, so the sexual experiences you will experience with him will be among the best in your life.

gael males ex doll


Do you like exotic males? Then the seducer from AF Doll – Carlos is the right choice. His body is made of TPE and its head is made of silicone. He is one of the other very realistic male sex dolls. Elaborated body, lifelike face, and quality body. He is waiting for you to invite him to your home.

carlos male sex doll


The home of the male sex doll John was Jarliet’s workshop. He decided to leave her and is waiting for someone who would like to share pleasant moments with him. It is made of high-quality TPE and its advantages are not only a sporty body. If you want to enjoy quality anal and oral, choose John, you won’t regret it.

john male sexd oll


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