As for my sexual needs, I’m quite demanding. The more the better and that goes for me as well. Unfortunately my boyfriend can’t keep up with my pace in the bedroom. I love him and want to be faithful to him, but what should I do with this sexually frustrated feeling? Recently, I found out how to fulfil my orgasmic needs while remaining faithful. I had to try it. What was it? Sex with the perfect erotic toy – a realistic male doll.

My partner can’t satisfy my sexual needs

I have never hidden the fact that I love sex. It is an important part of my life. I love erotic experiments and my sexual experiences are varied and rich, with men as well as women. I have lived with my partner for 3 years and am deeply in love with him, but during sex I have a small (big) problem.

While I would make love all-night long, he can hardly catch a second breath after his first orgasm. He is satisfied then and would rather go to sleep. On the contrary, I’m just warmed-up and ready for the next few rounds. But they are not coming and as my sexual frustration increases our relationship begins to suffer.

I found a solution – a realistic male doll

sex with male sex doll Nick naughty harbor 1

I didn’t want to be unfaithful to my partner, so I looked for other alternatives. At first I thought of a loving relationship with a woman, which could be more easily accepted by my conscience . But I simply love the feeling of having a penis inside me. Complete fulfillment.

To my surprise I found the Naughty Harbor brothel website that offers not only sex dolls, but also a single male sex doll. This could be a solution. After a moment of hesitation I made a reservation. Mild nervousness mixed with feelings of excitement. As I already mentioned, I love erotic experiments.

One hour ride on multi-orgasmic wave

sex with male sex doll Nick naughty harbor 2

Finally I stood outside the room where Nick waited for me. The helpful staff of this non-traditional brothel offered me a penis size of 15 or 25 cm. As I am a small girl, I agreed with a “smaller” size.

The door closed behind me and I was left alone with Nick. I had an hour booked and was ready to really enjoy it. I undressed and sat next to him on the bed. I touched him and was surprised at how smooth he was. I touched his hard, erect penis, my excitement was increasing rapidly. It was kind of strange that the man next to me was completely silent and wasn’t even looking into my eyes. But I was interested in only one thing – sex.

I moistened my vagina with a prepared lubricating gel and sat on Nick’s penis. I began to penetrate myself slowly and found it amazing that I was the master of this entire situation. Finally, I was at last able to properly satisfy myself.

I changed position and put Nick on his side. While penetrating, I stimulated my clitoris. After a while I experienced another wave of delight. That was it. I loved it, that never ending pleasure.

I glared at the clock, there were 15 minutes left. Well, I must try it. I sat on Nick again but, for now, with my back to his face. I put lubricant on my anus and began to mount his still-hard penis. My ass opened slowly until I had Nick fully inside me.  Less than a minute later, another powerful orgasm overwhelmed me.

Finally satisfied

sex with male sex doll Nick naughty harbor 3

So exhausted I barely got to my feet and got dressed. I arrived home as if in a dream, and in a moment fell asleep on the sofa. I felt indescribable. I’d been missing this for so long.

That evening in bed, I knew next time I‘d take a vibrator with me and enjoy Nick’s penis in my ass while stimulating my vagina at the same time. With a slight smile on my lips and the feeling that I’m a pretty bad girl, I fell happily asleep beside my beloved husband.


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