Although the sex dolls are made of very elastic TPE material, an accident can happen here and there, in which the sex doll is damaged. For small repairs, in most cases you can handle it yourself, but how?

Surface damage and how to deal with it

The surface type of damage mainly includes damage to the skin, hair, nails, eyes and make-up. Any violation of one of these areas is relatively easy to repair, but even here you can find defects that may be beyond your ability to repair. In that case, do not hesitate to contact the dealer or authorized sex dolls service.

Skin repair

TPE skin repair sex doll

Skin damage is relatively easy to repair on TPE sex dolls. In most cases, these are small cracks that you simply stick together.

With more damage, when the surface is scratched or, for example, a piece of silicone falls off, the repair is much more complicated and it can be expected that after repair the sex doll will not look 100% the same as before the damage.

What you will need to repair your skin:

  • TPE adhesive
  • Toothpick
  • Napkin

To start the repair, you must correctly identify the area of ​​the damage in which you will operate. The area will need to be cleaned first, preferably with baby oil applied to a towel or microfiber cloth. Then you clean the crack itself to the extent that there is nothing in it, not even dust.

You must also be careful not to dry the oil, which must not be in the crack before applying the adhesive. After cleaning, apply a little clear TPE glue to the toothpick, which is then spread on the crack. Press them lightly and hold for about a minute. Try to remove the excess glue from the damaged area with a toothpick before it dries. Then wait until the glue dries completely (1-2 hours) and you’re done.

Nail repair


Nail damage is an easily repairable matter. If any nail of your silicone doll falls off, simply proceed as in its original application. It is enough to glue the nail back on with a sufficient amount of glue. Simply apply glue to the sex doll’s finger and let it harden.


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