Sex dolls are not exactly the cheapest affair, so we should take care of them thoroughly and with due care. Thanks to proper cleaning and handling, it is possible to extend the life of a sex doll by up to several years! So what are the best maintenance tips and advice?

Cleaning as a basis for maintenance

While this part may seem easy, it is not. Cleaning must be carried out very precisely and with the right tools so as not to damage the sex doll and add subsequent unnecessary repairs.

It is best to clean the sex doll after each use or contact with body fluids. Simply rinse the sex dolls with lukewarm water and clean them with a disinfectant spray.

  • To ensure effective cleaning, the head is cleaned separately from the rest of the body.

After washing, dry the doll with a clean soft microfiber towel. Be sure to use such a towel, as a towel with a rough fabric pattern is not especially recommended for cleaning cavities. Material damage or fiber clogging of the cavity may occur. It is also not advisable to dry the doll with warm air using a hair dryer. Excessive concentration of warm air can cause deformation of the material.

NAUGHTY TIP: The TPE sex doll is easy to clean with oil and a sponge – the color of the surface is already in the material during production, so the color cannot rub off. However, silicone sex dolls are only sprayed with color when they are made and this color can be removed with oil – that’s why we don’t recommend cleaning silicone love dolls with oil and sponge, but only with soap/gel and a very soft baby sponge + do not press on the silicone to avoid smearing the paint.

After drying, you can apply a special disinfectant powder to the sex doll’s skin or you can also use ordinary baby powder, which will cause the skin to retain its smoothness, beauty and softness. You can use lukewarm water and paper towels to remove makeup. Wash the wig separately with a special shampoo, but never dry it with a hair dryer, which will only damage the hair in the long run. If you are still interested in hair cleaning, you can find out more here.

powdering sex doll

Cavity cleaning

For proper cleaning of cavities, it is advisable to first use an enema with lukewarm water and then disinfect the cavity with a disinfectant spray. We can easily spread the space of the vagina with the fingers of one hand and thus create an access for the application of an enema. After rinsing the cavity, we then disinfect the cavity with the help of disinfection applied to a sponge, which we insert into the cavity with a hemostat.

Afterwards, we dry the cavity with a fine microfiber towel or a special sponge, but when using a towel we do not wipe the walls of the cavity hard, we only try to dry the cavity (absorb water). When wiping the cavities and skin, small “drops” of torn material can be created, which damages the sex doll and the aesthetic appearance. You can learn more about proper cleaning techniques in the article we have already written here.

sex doll vagina cleaning

Creaming and oiling

From time to time, sex dolls should also be creamed and oiled. Both of these maintenance techniques help increase the life of the sex doll and reduce the impact of any damage.


Creaming is a very simple process. All you have to do is buy a skin cream, such as Nivea, and then lubricate sensitive parts of the sex doll, such as the groin, elbows and joints. The sex doll skin is relatively stressed in these places and tends to crack. Lubrication prevents the skin from drying out and therefore cracking.

We perform creaming 1-2 times a month depending on the use of the sex doll. After application, we wait for about two hours before the cream is properly absorbed


Oiling of the sex doll is also a way of cleaning it, as the oil is able to bind coarse dirt. For oiling, we will use a classic baby oil, which is applied to a sponge, which will anoint the whole sex doll. When applying the oil with a sponge, it is very important not to press on the skin of the sex doll and to be as gentle as possible.

As the oil is greasy and fluid, it tends to drip, so we always recommend applying the oil to one side of the sex doll, wait about 3-6 hours before it soaks in, then turn the sex doll around and apply the oil to the other side, and then wait again until it is absorbed. However, if you have a hook and you can hang the doll by the neck and not need to turn it around. It’s the perfect way to save you time and effort.

How to treat a sex doll properly?

how to storage sex doll

We must treat the sex doll with the utmost care. Of course, over time we will fully get used to its weight and size and it will be easier to carry, but from the beginning we must be extremely careful. We try to avoid any unnecessary knocking, scratches and falls of the sex doll.

In case of minor damage, such as small holes, scratches or small cuts, the sex doll must be repaired immediately using a special TPE glue. For more complex repairs, such as damage to the joints and skeleton, or for repairs that we do not know how to repair, it is necessary to send the sex doll to a repair service.

Even if a sex doll can take a lot of punishment, it’s not a punching bag. Therefore, it should not be thrown about or treated harshly. Its storage is also a bit of a science. Always store sex dolls in something soft and padded so that they do not press up against anything unnecessarily in certain places.

The sex doll also should not dress in dark clothes, as it can absorb the color and we are then forced to remove the color with a special cream. The longer the sex doll stays in contact with the dark color, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain.

If we have not used our beauty for a long time, it is necessary to hide it in a cooler and dry place, protected from sunlight. However, extreme cold or heat damages the sex doll.

By following the above-mentioned advice and procedures, you are guaranteed not only to prolong the life of the sex doll, but also the time in which you can enjoy it to full satisfaction with the feeling that it is like new. So don’t hesitate, and feel free to check and clean it right now. It’s an investment that will pay off.


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