Sometimes very strange things happen to each of us in life that we would rather keep to ourselves. However, sometimes these stories simply have to go out. Maybe because they are funny, maybe because they are mysterious and full of secrets, and sometimes because they help others. And I think that’s my case.

Loneliness that kills

Do you know what is the worst after 25 years of marriage, which you are happy it ended up? The loneliness that will come. One moves out and finally enjoys the freedom and liberty that divorce has given him. Yeah, but only until he starts to feel lonely. How many times have I caught myself going through old photos on my cell phone and some photos that I have left, along with a few things from when we were living together? In the end, one thinks that it was nice with that woman. Personally, however, I consider it only a certain phase of separation, when a person can overlook the reasons why he went the other way.

Anyway, I felt alone. In time, I left my job and worked for the same company, just in a different city. I moved to my hometown, where I knew many people because I grew up with them. It helped me a lot. I made contact with some old friends again and occasionally went for a beer, but…

One keeps returning to the house every day, which is empty and at the same time full of ubiquitous silence. The most pronounced sound is usually a passing car or the sound of a PC. That’s why I always turned on the TV, which created at least a little sound for me and brought a little life into the house. And this went on for a few months, maybe half a year.

When online meetings don’t work

I tried to solve loneliness through online dating. I’ve met various women a few times, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I did not feel like having other serious relationships. Some flirtation was ok, but otherwise, I had no interest in anything deeper.

Everything changed one day when a former colleague / friend from London called me. Simply put, he needed to store something in my garage. I asked him why he needed to store it at my house – like what is it? He said that it was an object which he could not take to the hotel, but at the same time, he could not leave it in the car because someone could steal it from him.

He just had a business meeting in our city. It was just a save for the day. So I thought it would probably be some bullshit, he didn’t want to talk about it much. “All right, bring it,” I told him. Two days later, he arrived, as agreed, and a large chest protruded from his car, which he had to fasten with straps to keep from falling out. “Are you carrying a corpse in that?” I asked him. “Well, it’s not alive,” he replied with a smile on his face.

Together we brought the object to the garage and exchanged a few words about how we are doing. I explained to him that I now had such a more difficult time when it comes to my mental health. That the divorce put me on my knees altogether. He pulled a key from his pocket, unlocked the lock on the chest, and opened it. “O la la, in that case, I present to you the girl of your dreams,” he said. I just rolled my eyes, stared like a puck, and I didn’t understand what the hell I was seeing.

One does not believe until one tries

Larry revealed to me that the artificial-looking thing in front of me is a silicone sex doll. She was just lying there in the chest, and my heart was slowly stopping at the thought that this should solve my problems in some way. Fortunately, a colleague took a nearby chair, pushed it in, and sat the sex doll on it. She already looked better in the light, and most importantly, her big tits could be seen. “Well, just try them, touch them,” he said as if he was reading my mind. I tried and reached for them.

“Wow. What a beauty!!” Normally I couldn’t believe what I perceived. The breasts were soft, but at the same time firm and held their shape. Felt so real. The skin, although cold, also looked very real, same as the nose, face and hair. I was completely shocked. It looked very artificial on the outside but to the touch, it seemed completely realistic. Even the sex doll smelled pleasant. “Pretty good,” I said, asking what it was for. I guess they used it as a substitute when shooting models or something. I received a completely surprising answer.

These sex dolls are used mainly for sexual activities, as evidenced by their perfectly designed vaginal and anal opening. It is used simply for sexual satisfaction. Larry explained to me that sex dolls are used by both couples and the individuals themselves. It is a great masturbation tool that creates a completely realistic feeling of sexual intercourse. Some use it as a sexual training tool and others for the time when they are without a partner which was my case.

Overcoming taboos

If you think I had a sex doll with me overnight and tried her out, forget it. Nothing happened. Yes, I was really surprised by the sex doll, but on the one hand, I didn’t feel completely at it and it wouldn’t even work (the sex doll went for adjustments and had to be unused). But it left a strong impression on me, so I went to read more about it on the internet. I have found that a sex doll is a perfectly normal thing for many people, something like when people have a dog or a cat.

I thought that no one in the UK has anything like that and it is taboo. I was wrong. All this eventually led me to pick up the phone and call Larry. I agreed to rent a silicone sex doll for a week.

The sex doll arrived through a courier who was very curious about what on earth I had ordered. Overall, I guessed the weight of the package is about about 88 lb. I pulled the sex doll into the bedroom and followed the instructions I found on various forums. I bought a lubricating gel, and cleaning kit and went to test her.

The sex doll can be adjusted to different positions, but at the beginning, I didn’t do well until I got used to having to work a little to bend the joints. But everything else was perfect. The sex doll smelled nice and looked great.

Finally an improvement

sexy story about silicone doll

Well, I felt great. Sex was realistic, but it can’t be described, you just have to experience it by yourself. Although it wasn’t like a sex with live woman, I don’t know anything better that could be used as a substitute. After the first sex, I cleaned and put the sex doll down, sat down in a chair, and thought. “Is this the path I want to take?” I thought inside my head. “Fucking an artificial sex doll instead of a real woman?”

In the end, I concluded that it strongly depends on my approach and relationship with the sex doll, but mainly that living alone and without that realistic sex is much worse than using an artificial sex doll. So it was decided and I still do not regret anything and I can recommend the sex doll to everyone. Thanks to her, I also got to know myself better, discovered my limits and boundaries, which I subsequently pushed, and I believe that during classic sex with a woman, it would be noticed.

I’m not saying that I’ll stay with the sex doll for the rest of my life, I’m still interested in a real relationship. But I can certainly say that a sex doll helped me a lot during a difficult post-divorce period, and I believe that for many men she can serve as a great sex trainer or a patient companion.

I recommend everyone to try it and especially not to be afraid. It’s nothing. It’s still just a very sophisticated sex tool.


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