I will be honest. I’ve never really liked anime. My last experience was with Pokemon. And I have to say that even Misty Waterflower, which specialized in water Pokemon, didn’t inspire me to look for anime sex on porn sites.

One day a new receptionist joined us at work and everything changed. A young girl shortly after school with a pretty face.

Her name was Nicole, but the team renamed her “Anime Girl”. Although she was dressing relatively normally to work, many photos of her styling herself as anime characters could be found on social networks. And I mean very sexy anime characters.

And that ignited an unquenchable desire in me. In the evenings, I searched for the best anime sex porn on the internet. So, whenever I was walking around the reception desk at work, my imagination was in full swing. I saw an Anime Girl in front of me with cat ears, short orange hair, and a skirt that was so short that I thought she was saying “fuck me”.

I was crazy about her, but how do I get into Anime Girl’s panties? The turning point came at a summer company event. After a few drinks, we finally started talking. Later in the night we smoothly switched from English to French, so that our languages ​​intertwined wildly in passionate kisses. I wanted more, but she stopped me immediately: “We’ll fuck at my house.”

A headache came in the morning. I wondered if it all just seemed to me, but after lunch, I received a text message: “I’m ready, come to the address below. Izumi (Nicole from work).”
“Ok, I don’t think that’s true,” flashed through my head and I was already on my way.

“Dang! ” I rang the address. The door was opened by the beautiful anime character Izumi. This time she had bright blue hair with a big bow, a white t-shirt, a shameless skirt, suspenders with garters, and Vietnamese shoes on her feet.

She immediately gave me a welcome kiss. She didn’t wait for anything and dragged me by the hand into the room, where she sat down in a chair. She pulled back her skirt, from where her beautiful unshaven pussy peeked out at me. Up until now, I’ve always had girls with shaven pussy, but this view made my dick hard.

“Kneel and lick,” she ordered uncompromisingly. I was a little taken aback, but I knelt and obediently got to work. She tasted great. I gradually changed the intensity, sucked the treat, and probably did quite well. My pussy juices were running down to my chin and Izumi moaned that it must have been heard by the neighbors. It didn’t take long and she cum.

“Take off your clothes,” came another order. I quickly threw everything off and waited to see what would happen next. I have already understood very well that it is not under my control today.
“Lie down.” And she was already straddling my hard cock. Izumi was still clothed, so I couldn’t fully enjoy the naked body, but it was still amazing. Her tight pussy hugged my dick tightly. And she was jumping on me like a horny anime whore, which she probably was.

Her tits were jumping, her skirt was rising and Izumi was moaning. I then grabbed her ass to enjoy it a bit. She bounced on me until a drop of sweat flew from her here on me. Perfect whore!
“Aaah, aah, aah, I will,” I blurted out. “You can come inside me, I have IUD. She jumped about twice more and I was already spraying into her. Izumi sat down and made herself comfortable on top of me. She watched me for a moment, then got up and said: “And now you are going to lick it all!

“What?” A red light flashed in my head. “Licking my sperm? Hopefully not! This is not how I imagined the ending of anime sex.” However, Izumi didn’t give me a chance to protest. Her pussy sat right on my face. “That’s it?” It said and she sat up a little, so I could at least breathe a little better.

I had to force myself a lot to get the first lick. After that, it was a little easier. After about 5 minutes, Izumi got up and said, “See you next Saturday. Now get dressed and get out.’


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