“Love, how about we try sex with more people?”

I have to admit that this question took me completely by surprise. Although Tereza is not shy, I wouldn’t expect this from her. And not at all right after our sex.

“Well, why not,” I blurted out carefully, because you never know when a woman is just testing you, and when she’s serious. However, I already had ideas running through my head, how one of our slender friends would visit us in the bedroom, whom we would tie up in bed and fuck.

“I thought we could try four,” Tereza continued, gradually revealing her diabolical plan.

“Um… I don’t know, and how do you imagine it?” I reply as I slowly adjust to the new situation. I’m 100% straight, so another guy isn’t exactly ideal, but on the other hand…

You probably know the old saying: “Pussy isn’t butter, it doesn’t shrink.” At least I could fuck another person without guilt. For the last 6 years, I have had sex only with Teresa and sometimes I have sex with a silicone doll that I have hidden in the workshop.

“You know it from porn. We just switch partners, fuck, try something new, and then come home again. Relax, no stress. After all, we’re adults, aren’t we?” clarifies Tereza, who speaks unusually openly and roughly.

“I guess we can try” I nod at our joint adventure.

“Great, so next weekend. I already prearranged something,” Tereza surprised me again, getting up and going to the shower.

I was quite busy at work, so I didn’t even know it and it was already the weekend. Immediately after lunch, Tereza began to improve. When I peeked into the bathroom, she was shaving her pussy to get it perfectly ready.

Then she ran from the bedroom to the mirror and tried on different pieces of clothing. She changed the panties with panties for lace ones, but she finally shook her head even over them. Even the fitted t-shirt, which perfectly highlighted the beautifully full threes, flew into the corner after a while.

I got ready in about 30 minutes, and then timidly called to Teresa in the bedroom, “Can we go?” I gasped when she opened the door. She was incredibly sexy. Black thick hair braided into a massive braid. Distinctive make-up. And a damn short black dress that showed more than they covered.

“Good,” I murmured admiringly.

After a short drive, we arrived at a smaller house. As soon as I turned off the engine, a well-built guy in his forties came out of the door and called us: “Hello, welcome. I’m Marek.” He shook my hand and gave Tereza a Frenchie. And while I thought it was going a little too fast, this was just the beginning.

“Sit down and get yourself food and drink. I’ll get Ester,” he announced in an authoritative voice. Tereza could see that she was a little uneasy. “You know, I have to tell you something…” but she didn’t finish it. The door flew open and Marek dragged the person behind him. No, it wasn’t a person. It’s a sex doll…

“Don’t look at me. You neglected Teresa, so she wanted to teach you a lesson. You have a beautiful girl, and in the evenings, you prefer to indulge yourself in a sex doll”

I was upset. A mixture of humiliation, and annoyance, but at the same time maximum excitement. I didn’t even have time to say anything and Marek was already leaning on Tereza on the sofa. He rolled his dress up to his tits and his giant cock was heading for Tereza’s pussy.

I belatedly realized that she wasn’t even wearing any panties.

“Aaaah,” she moaned. It was a very rough spectacle. Marek was pulling Tereza by her massive braid and pounding her at an extremely wild pace. “Clap, clap, aaaah.” Within moments, Teresa began to shake wildly. Orgasm. But Marek didn’t stop. He thrust again and again until Teresa’s mouth twisted.

“Shut up bitch, I’ll be there,” Marek blurted out after about 20 minutes of wild fucking. The last fuck was powerful. The sweat from Mark splashed all over me and he pumped his seed deep into a pussy. And as he pulled out his penis, it flowed in a massive stream from her swollen pussy. There was a lot of it.

“You didn’t fuck?” Marek pointed at me.

That’s when Tereza turned to me and said in a sweet voice: “But love, you wanted a foursome… When I found out that you prefer to fuck silicone dolls rather than me, I arranged it so that we both would be satisfied. So we’re going to see Mark 2 times a week, okay?’

“Yes,” I blurted out. Thus started a new exciting stage of our life together.


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