The bachelor party is sometimes pretty wild. And believe me, I know what I’m talking about. A very strange incident happened to me at that time.

“Glass of plum brandy for my future husband,” Thomas theatrically handed me another brutally large glass of plum brandy. That fateful evening it was the fourth glass already. I’m not one of the abstinents, but such doses of alcohol would defeat even an elephant.

You can’t be surprised then that I have only hazy memories of the whole evening.

“Take a good shot, so that you have a little foundation and can last a while…” and then my friends were already amused and taking pictures of me biting into grilled chicken.

“Barbara, he is getting married soon. Do a lap dance for him until he’s in a clamp,” and the young student in a bikini obediently straddled me so she could rub her bottom expertly against my cock. “Go ahead. You can touch them…” she just finished, dropping her bra so that my gorgeous D-sized tits spilled out onto me.

Another whirlwind of shots followed, and then a voice came from the crowd: “And now we’re going to fuck in the brothel…” I was completely wasted, so two friends had to carry me. I don’t even know how we managed to squeeze into a taxi.

“Hey guys,” a blonde girl in her underwear greeted us at the club. Then the boys sat me down at the table, while Vaclav was trying to negotiate something with the cute blondie.

“Get up, I’ve arranged a young pussy for you,” Thomas tried gently to wake me up from my alcoholic coma. As soon as I began to perceive a little, I was already being dragged up the stairs laughing. “She was expensive, so enjoy the sex with the prostitute,” Thomas finally patted me on the back and disappeared.

Sitting on the bed was a very young black-haired woman who weighed a ma of 50 kilos. “What a bastard. He knows exactly what I like,” flashed through my head. Then an unknown whore sat me on a chair and started undressing in front of me to the rhythm of the music. She was beautiful. Skinny in the waist, but relatively well-endowed on the chest. And her pussy was perfectly shaved.

If I had met this innocent being in public, I would never have believed she could be a prostitute.

Anyway, despite being completely drunk, the cock stood up in no time. My mind had long been asleep under the influence of alcohol, so I didn’t think anything bad about sex with a prostitute even though I had a wedding in a month or so.

“Jump in to rinse off. I’ll be waiting for you,” she informed me as she finished dancing on my lap. So I staggered off with a drunken step in the direction she pointed. I rinsed my face with cold water to recover a bit. And I washed my penis with lukewarm water so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

“Oh boy,” I thought to myself when I saw what was waiting for me in the bed. A wooden crate, from which a half-naked whore with legs in Y shape was “peeping”. I was talking about something similar with Thomas in the pub a long time ago.

Even through the condom, it was nice to feel how tight, wet, and extremely horny the pussy was. I was just a little surprised that there wasn’t a loud sigh. But maybe that’s what it looks like when you have sex with a prostitute.

I enjoy the young pussy. I pounded into her at such a pace that my eyes sometimes went dark. You know how it goes with sex under the influence of alcohol. I slung one of her chained legs over my shoulder so I could get in. After that, all it took was a few powerful thrusts and I was already cumming.

I woke up in the morning in my bed but with a real (moral) hangover. “How? What? Wasn’t it a dream? Did I have sex with a prostitute even though I’m getting married soon? What will Nikola say about that?” I would prefer to stay holed up in bed forever and never get out.

“Good morning love! How did you enjoy your bachelor party yesterday?” Nikola asked me right from the door.

“Does she know something? Does she want to castrate me for this?” My head was racing and the brutal dryness in my throat increased even more.

“Um. Yeah good. I don’t remember much, but you know how it goes… He who isn’t ashamed in the morning didn’t have fun yesterday.” I try to play it all.

“What about sex? Did you enjoy yourself?” After those words, I got all wet. “No, I haven’t slept with anyone,”

“Don’t be silly. Thomas told me everything. They set you up. A pre-arranged stripper showed off in front of you for a while, and then they pushed you into a silicone sex doll with whom you had sex. When they left, they even took a picture of you snoring next to her.” Nikola laughed and handed me the phone.

“And here’s another gift from Tom.” The card she pressed into my hand read in gold: “Gift Voucher for Amazing Sex with a Silicone sex doll.”


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