The XYcolo brand is on top of the trends in the sex dolls market and with its designer silicone sex dolls, they respond to the ever-increasing demand for ultra-realistic silicone sex dolls.

Top silicone sex dolls are made of 3 types of silicone

  • The XYcolo brand makes its sex dolls from several types of silicone: In the basic version, the sex dolls are made of Platinum Silicone (PS). For an additional fee, you can get Organic Silicone (OS), Platinum Silicone Pro (PSP), or Organic Silicone Pro (OSP). Just choose it in the customizer.
  • The XYcolo also offers the all-in-one (seamless) silicone sex doll Samara AIO PRO. It has a head firmly connected to the body and is produced only in the Organic Silicone Pro variant.
  • The manufacturer offers tailor-made tattoos, veins, or an individual choice of nipple color.
  • All sex dolls have silicone breasts.
  • Attention! Only 3 types of heads offered have an opening for oral sex.

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