The Irontech Doll brand is one of the pioneers in the field of sexual and emotional entertainment. They create sex dolls from high-quality TPE material, silicone, and a combination of TPE + silicone.

Trendy brand

Irontech Doll currently focuses on the creation of silicone sex dolls. Silicon enables detailed processing of the skin and realistic appearance of dolls which is a current trend.

The brand’s motto is: “Beauty-inspired creation.”

A wide range of sex dolls from which everyone can choose

irontechdoll beauty

Each sex doll of this brand is created for a maximum pleasant and realistic experience.

All realistic Irontech Dolls have a flexible metal skeleton that is easy to handle. Popular customizations include gel breasts, articulated fingers, realistic gel butt (only for silicone sex dolls), gel-filled pregnancy bellies, or EVO double knee joints.

Irontechdoll sex dolls make-up

The story of the Irontech Doll brand

Real sex dolls from this company are based on the appearance of real women. From the very beginning, the manufacturer strives for the perfect elaboration of all body details that bring pleasure to the eye, touch, and love. They use only high-quality materials, so the sex dolls provide the best fun and satisfaction. In addition, all dolls are created manually.

factory of irontechdoll


Their dolls come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and for every gender. The dolls can become not only your sexual partner but also an emotional companion, a clothing model, a dating and seduction coach… You just have to choose the right one.


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