My name is Emiko and it means shining baby. When I was little, I was full of happiness. As a teenager, my insatiable sexual desire began to radiate. I became addicted to the feeling of physical excitement and its subsequent satisfaction. And I didn’t care when, how, or with whom, especially when I was getting my regular dose of excitement.

In the last story, I wrote about the first fuck with Aki. Since that time, I’ve been going to the shop to see him. There is a small dark room behind the store, where he fucks me, and I don’t fight back at all. We have tried all the erotic toys that were selling in there. Lots of them were bizarre. Although my heart pounded every time I crossed the red threshold of the store, Aki was always cold.

I never had any special feelings for any man. They were just a tool to satisfy me. But I fell in love with Aki. I wanted him to be happy and to give him my body. I was his toy, meaning he could fuck me anytime and any way he wanted. Our relationship has never crossed the threshold of the outside world. We did it on the faded mattress of an old erotic shop in the area called Red block. Our sweat and body juices seeped into the old wooden floor day by day.

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One day I found another girl with Aki behind the shop. She was sitting in a short school skirt on the couch. The same coach, where Aki had carefully examined my body holes so many times. She seemed like a shy girl. Aki introduces her to me as Hoia. I stood stunned in the doorway, not understanding what the stranger girl was doing there. There was only me, Aki, and our regular fucking in my imaginary world.

“Hoia asked me to experience something a little unusual. I’m sure you’ll be happy to participate,” Aki looked at me with his horny, shiny eyes.

It crossed my mind that she may want to have a threesome and that this shy girl with children’s face can’t compare to me. But I would do anything for Aki. Besides, I’ve made love with a girl a few times. Even though it was a hard pillow to swallow, I smiled and agreed with a threesome.

“Good girl. Sit here and just watch. Do you understand Emiko? Whatever happens, I want you to just watch it and be quiet. “

I nodded again and sat in the corner on the rickety old tripod.

“Emiko. Keep in mind that whatever happens is because Hoia wants it. When I give you an order, just follow it? Without argument.” I was a little uncertain. Why so much talk and tension about a normal threesome? Aki knows I can do anything in sex. Aki took a box out of the closet that contained a variety of sex tools. He took an old leather whip toy and stood in front of Hoia.

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“Get up and get undressed,” he said very strictly, without the smile I got used to from our sexual games. When Hoia did it, he started walking around her and whipping her hard. He punched her over the ass, over the thighs, back, and her tiny tits. “Start playing with your pussy,” Aki continued. Hoia’s tears were streaming down her face, but she silently moved her baby-looking fingers to her clit.

I sat in the corner, frightened and did not understand a thing. Of course, Akim and I also played with BDSM tools, but never so badly and cruelly. But he said she wanted it that way…

Hoia quickly started playing with her shaved little pussy. She looked at Aki, who stood in front of her and felt like a slave. He was squeezing and pulling her nipples with all his weight. I didn’t feel any excitement. Just confusion and fear of the absurd scene that was in front of me.

“Get on the couch and stick your ugly ass on me!” Aki kept going, and Hoia took a position on all fours on the couch. Aki used his leather whip several more times until she almost fell. Then he took a tight rope, which he sometimes tied my hands, and crossed it at Hoie’s neck. He took off his pants and I noticed his standing dick.

He knelt behind Hoia with the end of the rope in his hand and began to fuck her hard. As he pushed hard, he slowly twisted the two ends of the rope in his hand so that the noose around her neck tightened slowly but surely. The girl let out strange screams of excitement and pain. Tears rolled down her cheeks. It didn’t take long for Aki to squirt happily into her pussy. Without protection, he released her entire dose. I never let him. That was my only principle.

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“Such a nice bitch. I’ll reward you now,” Aki growled excitedly. He spat on his hand and began to stick his fingers in the girl’s ass. With his other hand, he still tightened the rope around her neck. Hoia began to choke. He didn’t care at all and tried to get her hand in her anal and after a while he was successful. He moved inside her with his hand, but he wasn’t gentle. The rope around her neck was already so tight that the girl couldn’t breathe. I was about to jump out of my chair to save her when I heard an unimaginable sigh and saw how Hoia squirted the pale fluid of the greatest excitement from her pussy onto the couch.

Within a second, Aki removed the rope from his neck and fell on the back with his eyes closed. Right next to the girl. The penis was hard again. Hoia toppled back on the couch without a word, breathing hissingly. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I was shocked. I slowly realized that this was not an assassination attempt, but the way she wanted it. They both wanted it!

“Emiko, come suck my dick,” Aki said strictly, without even looking at me. When nothing was happening, he got up and looked at me.

“Didn’t you like it, little girl? Hoia likes it this way, and I enjoyed you watching us. Did you think your pussy was the only one I was playing with? I’ve known Hoia for years. She likes it hard, just like me. So don’t be surprised and come and enjoy yourself, because you are the same bitch just like her. “

My heart exploded. I grabbed my bag and ran away. Away from what I saw and heard there. Away from Akim. Away from my pain. I will never love any man again, I promised myself. Never!


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