Today, virtual reality is becoming a phenomenon in many areas. It is used in developing various products in large companies, the game industry, and the world of erotica.

The field of erotica and sex, like other areas of our life, has become part of very significant technological development and progress. From the use of various robotic technologies to the world of virtual reality. Let’s discover wild and exciting VR sex together.

Erotic experiences without restrictions and from the comfort of your home

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Are you new to the virtual world? Don’t worry. As with everything, it is primarily a matter of habit and experience. In the virtual world, you can be anyone or start anything without any restrictions. If you are attracted by the possibility of experiencing passionate lovemaking with a favorite star of adult films or playing sensual erotic VR games where you can safely explore, for example, the world of BDSM, get your VR equipment. You will need:

  • VR headset that is suitable for mobile phones, PCs, game consoles, or those that work independently. You can buy a basic VR headset for around $50. The highest-quality ones such as the HTC Vive ones can cost a few hundred.
  • Headphones, ideally padded.
  • Internet connection (via smartphone or PC), where you can find countless VR sexy videos or erotic games on erotic websites.
  • A comfortable chair or couch, because we know from experience that getting up from this fun is not easy.

What is VR sex?

Virtual reality allows a user to find himself in a simulated environment of his choice, accompanied by his interaction. Its main task is to create the illusion of the so-called ideal – the real world. Thanks to VR, you will find yourself in a world without borders, where everything is allowed. For example, change of environment, people and objects with you or even how you will look.

The VR world allows you to safely experience all sexual and erotic fantasies in private, without fear of being interrupted or seen. Absolutely everything is allowed, exactly as you want and as you feel.

How realistic virtual reality depends primarily on which specific technology you use. There is a lot of technology on the market, and it offers both positives and negatives. VR headsets on which functional reality is built, are becoming more and more sophisticated thanks to never-ending technology development. The entire VR technology is also able to connect with various erotic gadgets that work remotely.

Types of VR sex

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There are more options for experiencing virtual reality sex. We recommend exploring all the choices. It is a safe form of eroticism, you don’t have to deal with infidelity, shame, or fear of illness.

VR porn

VR porn is all about watching an adult movie. Its main goal is to provide the viewer with a realistic and immersive experience that makes them feel part of the sexual activity with the selected porn star or any other person of their choice.

Interesting fact: Studio Dream Cam allows its users to interact with the models in various ways. The main advantages of VR sexting are:

  • For a fee, you can ask the girls to play with your body however you like.
  • All the events are happening live, so you don’t know exactly what they will do in a few minutes.
  • You can use sex toys with remote control.
  • You can chat with a specific girl in a group chat or invite her to a private room.


What happens when you combine VR technology and cutting-edge sex toys? The market for erotic gadgets is constantly developing, so remote sex using modern technologies cannot be a surprise to anyone. Teledildonics is sexual games at a distance, where partners can satisfy each other with devices controlled via Wifi and Bluetooth. Not only that, but you can also use the technology to connect two or more VR sex toys for interactive play, regardless of whether each one is in a different location on the planet. Such “cosmic sex”.

VR sex games

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Erotic games are among the unusual activities, thanks to which you can spice up and revive your sex life. Combining games with virtual reality has become a significant part of the adult entertainment industry. These sex games tend to be very ultra-realistic. Put on your headset and make your most secret dreams and wishes come true. VR erotic games have gained popularity all over the world. Thanks to the development of modern technologies and favorable price conditions, basically everyone can afford this “luxury” – alone or in a couple.

VR chat rooms

VR chat rooms are an interesting thing. It is a virtual world for adults where you can meet and get to know anyone worldwide. Chat, get to know each other, and enjoy sex together. Each member of the room is represented by their own created Avatar. it is a great alternative for singles and couples. In addition, it’s discreet, safe, and exciting.


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