Sex with robot doll  is no longer science fiction of the future, but a reality today. More and more people are interested in these robots, but the reasons vary greatly. What can we expect to see from these sexbots

Robot love is coming

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Forget a quick date, dating agency or a friend’s recommendation. All this will be long past. Because being single will become entirely different, not only in sex but also in establishing relationships with cybernetic pleasure robots.

“Love and sex with robots are an inevitable event that awaits human civilization. It is a natural causality of evolution, during which people try to break all their boundaries, even biological ones” says David Levy, the author of the book “Love and sex with robot”. He also expects that by 2050 it will become a normal and ordinary issue accepted by the majority of the population.

For many men it will provide contact with a brand new level of reality that offers much that is new and interesting to ordinary sex and relationships. Of course, most men will tend to use sexbots for personal sexual issues. But thanks to personification, sexbots will offer a more realistic sense of relationships, which can allow someone to find fulfillment after losing a partner for example.

Developers don’t just think about men

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Women will also be able to enjoy the company of a proper male robot who will satisfy all their loving needs. Of course we admit it is a strong social taboo today, but overall robotization, digitization and cybernetization is only a matter of time. Soon, most family homes will be equipped with an intelligent family servant program that will unlock and open doors, play music, and report on major events such as receiving mail. Also our coffee machine will talk to us and sexbots overall will be considered as simply more sophisticated toy-sex.

Helen Gurley Brown, an American writer, adds “It is much better for women to have a male robot companion than not having a companion at all.” These robot partners and friends will have quick internet access, be able to access reviews of all films and choose the most suitable one according to its pre-set parameters. Many women will appreciate this and would enjoy watching romantic films with a companion made of metal and plastic.

„Sex will be a very routine and robotic in the future“ – Hugh Hefner.

Everything is about emotions

What troubles many sex robot developers, such as Matt McCullen, is the complicated creation of a sexbot who is able to express its emotions very thoroughly and precisely, not only in its verbal communication, but also through facial expressions.

To program a robot to speak or perform simple tasks is one thing, but putting complex emotional intelligence into its program and mechanically creating facial movements is a much greater challenge.

Yet, according to a number of researches and studies, scientists have come to very clear conclusions. People with elevated emotional intelligence are very popular and successful. Overall, these people are able to respond emotionally, physically and communicatively to external incentives and situations. This makes others feel safe and comfortable in their company. It can be assumed that this will be true for sexbots . Even today, many of us have smart navigation in the car with a pleasant voice and speech. Companies have already realized that this increases sales and popularity of their products. Harry De La Cruz and Patricia A. D’Urso wrote about this in their study.

In any case, programming a sexbot for complex emotional expression is a task that may take several decades. Take a look at Matt McCullen’s Realbotics latest product. It is evident that we are just at the beginning in the realm of ​​developing natural voice and facial expression.

Cybernetics as a missing link between artificial intelligence and humans?

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Cybernetics is essentially a science that transmits information in both living organisms and human machines. Originally along with the term cybernetics, the well-known mathematician Norbert Wiener arrived. In 1948 he published Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine.

Since then, new discoveries have emerged, especially in the field of medicine, thanks to which, for example, paralytics can use their limbs and those without limbs can access cyber replacements.

Medical cybernetics work by interconnecting the nervous system with an electronic scheme using a chip that provides transmission and “translation” of individual signals from the brain. It is even expected that people will have chips implanted in their heads to connect to the Internet from anywhere on Earth. Today there are subcutaneous chips that are fully informationally compatible with modern smartphones. Each user can upload data to these chips, open doors to apartments for electronic locks, etc. However, they are most useful in their role as electronic wallets for cryptocurrency.

To a certain extent, humans are more or less becoming mechanical machines, whether by necessity or personal preference. They will play a big role in the future in the field of robotization and sexbots production. After all, such a subcutaneous chip can sense the frequency of your pulse, the level of certain hormones so why not your excitement? 

What do you think about this? Can you imagine life with a sexbot?


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