I discovered anime and hentai porn a year ago, and although I was never interested in comics or Japanese animation, I fell for the strange poetry and aesthetic of girls with big eyes and colorful hair. Not to mention that I’ve always liked petite girls with narrow waists and girlish figures. 

From dreams to reality

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Shyly seductive anime girls began to appear in my fantasies and dreams. Sometimes they seduced me, sometimes I seduced them. But after a while, my fantasies were no longer enough and I longed for real sex. Anime porn wasn’t enough for me anymore.

I started looking on dating sites. However, even after a month of active correspondence and chatting, no meeting came out of it. A friend recommended the Amateurs server. I wish I’d thought of it sooner.

After two days, a meeting was arranged. To be clear, I wasn’t looking for a friend, but a girl for sex. With clear requirements for an anime appearance and a petite girlish figure. I booked a room in a discreet hotel and was all excited and couldn’t wait.

Anime girl like a dream

On the dating site, she posed as Aiko. As I subsequently found online, it means love child in Japanese. From the moment she walked in the door of the hotel room, I knew she was perfect. And I’d never seen her naked before.

I knew she wanted to play the part of a shy, timid girl when we met. I would be the dominant man who would do whatever he wanted with her. It was agreed that we would not talk during the meeting. This added to my excitement and tension.

She stood shyly in the middle of the room and shyly rolled her eyes. I walked over to her and ran my fingers up her thigh and under her skirt. She was not wearing panties. I gently toyed with her small clit, slowly sliding a finger into her puckered hole.  

I spread her legs apart and with the pressure of my palms on her back, bent her into a forward bend. I knelt down, enjoying the view of her shaved pussy and began fingering her profusely. As soon as I felt the juices flowing from her, I turned up the intensity. I alternated between massaging her clit, pulling on her labia and spreading her pussy with my fingers.

A fantasy come true

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This is what I dreamed of. When my hand was completely wet from her arousal, I pulled down her skirt and took off her shirt and bra. Taking her hand, I led her to the bed and gently slid myself into her. She fell like a cloth doll. She held her legs together and looked everywhere but at me, shyly.

I ripped off my clothes and climbed over her. My cock sticking out over her nice full breasts. Her blue straight hair spread around. She was breathing excitedly and as her chest heaved, her nipples were touching my balls. I stroked her breasts and squeezed her tiny nipples harder a few times. She moaned excitedly.

I took my cock in my hand and sat up so I could bring it to her lips. I stroked her lips with my horny cock, trying to get it into her clenched mouth. After a moment, she released it and I felt the gentle touch of the tip of her tongue on it. I slowly slid it in and out of Aiko’s mouth. There was no hurry.

A shot from the pleasure cave

When I felt I was close to orgasm, I pulled back and spread Aiko’s legs apart. I wanted to bring her to the top. Before taking her for myself and my pleasure. I began to expertly run my tongue over her smooth pussy. 

When she relaxed nicely and began to meet me with her pelvis, I slid two fingers inside her and began a regular rhythmic G-spot massage. Watching her excitement was getting me hot. I added even more intensity. Aiko was out of control and moaning loudly. I could feel the hot juices running down my hands and the contractions of her pussy.

I quickly rammed my cock into her. She cried out. It must have hurt her because even though she was already relaxed, she was still very tight. She gripped my cock tightly and I could feel the reverberating orgasmic throbbing of her pussy.

It was a heady feeling. Gentleness was over. I began to thrust quickly and vigorously. In, out, in and out. Aiko moaned, and after a moment, she came to meet me again. I quickly turned her on all fours. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her ass.

I was overreaching. Holding her hips with both hands, I was in heaven. The cum on her little ass was just icing on the cake. I turned her around and pulled her face to my limp cock. I wanted her to dry it nicely with her tongue. If that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes.


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