The Ai-AiTech brand brings unique sex dolls to the market of erotic tools, which not only satisfy you sexually, but thanks to the robotic head you can also communicate with them.

Affordable interactive sex robots

  • 1. affordable sex robots.
  • They can learn and have increasingly complex conversations based on how often you talk to them.
  • Made with attention to every detail from M-TPE material – it is more flexible and durable.
  • They have a high-quality flexible steel frame, touch sensors, body heating up to 99°F
  • Facial expressions are synchronized with the content of the communication.

In the Ai-AiTech selection, you will find a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. They offer a total of 7 basic body types, but you can choose from the different body and breast sizes for the robot heads.
The interactive sex robot is a universal companion – the 1st of its kind, with a sexy body abounding in artificial intelligence, which is built right into the head of the sex robot.

What can an AI-AITech sex robot do?

  • Recognize your voice,
    move her eyes and blink,
    turn head and neck,
    smile and answer questions,
    keep the conversation going,
    have a different face movements,
    respond to your touch by using built-in touch sensors,
    warm up to the temperature of the human body (up to 99° F).

Ai-AiTech sex dolls promo video


Which of the robot sex dolls from Ai-AiTech do you like the most?

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