Most couples reach a stage of burnout after living together for some years. Very often, the first signs of a crisis appear in their sex life. Unfulfilled erotic and sexual needs lead to a further deepening of problems in the relationship and often end in infidelity or even a break-up. But there is a solution.

Sex is not everything. Yes, but…

marriage love doll

Sure, sex isn’t everything. On the other hand, the lack of it brings frustration into a person’s life, as it is one of the basic needs of our body and soul.

A quality sex life brings us a sense of closeness (I’m not alone and someone loves me.), a chance to connect with a partner on a deeper level, but most importantly, it serves as a stress valve (long- and short-term) because it is an act of release and relaxation.

Among other things, in today’s hectic and performance-oriented world, erotic moments are one of the few in which we can feel ourselves, relax and make ourselves and our partner feel good. It allows us to be ourselves by being in touch with our body and its feelings.

But, as they say, there is no ideal, and many couples today are dealing with (among other things) a dysfunctional and unsatisfying sex life. There are hundreds of reasons why partners stop getting it right in bed. Often they are caused by too much stress, work, poor health, be it mental or physical, and so on and so on.

Do you miss sex but let yourself be unfaithful? It works!

marriage love doll 1

From a recent survey conducted by the website on the topic of infidelity and sex for money, sex with a realistic doll or dummy came out best. Czechs consider it the most morally acceptable, compared to, for example, casual sex, sex with a prostitute or a friend(s) with benefits.

Drop your prejudices. It could save your relationship

marriage love doll 2

Sex with realistic dolls is still taboo for many people. It’s important to get your priorities straight. If you’ve been feeling that you’re missing sex for a while and your frustration is negatively affecting your relationship with your partner, you should take action. Before you start looking for a lover or mistress, think whether the situation could be resolved less drastically.

Love dolls are the ultimate erotic tool. They are there just for you, ready to wordlessly fulfill all your secret desires and sexual fantasies. They will never tell anyone about what you will experience together. It’s up to you whether you tell your partner or keep it a secret. Being honest might strengthen the relationship and perhaps your partner will join you next time. A threesome with a realistic doll or dummy is a blast.

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