Introducing S-TPE, a new generation of thermoplastic elastomer. The resistance of this material is eight times stronger than conventional TPE, ensuring excellent durability and long-term stability. 

In addition, customers can choose the S-TPE variant at no extra cost from some manufacturers such as WM Doll or JK Doll, giving the user a significant added value.

Benefits of Super TPE

super tpe amterial

  • This material features exceptional flexibility and allows for detailed processing that results in an incredibly realistic surface. 
  • S-TPE outperforms conventional TPE in its resistance to tears and punctures, extending the durability of the sex doll.
  • It combines the best properties of silicone and TPE, offering a comparable flexibility of silicone while maintaining the softness and smoothness characteristic of TPE. 
  • Especially in the production of the intimate parts of the dolls, S-TPE brings a revolutionary change as it increases flexibility and softness, which greatly enriches the user experience.
  • Super TPE allows for a high level of surface detail for every realistic sex doll.

We believe S-TPE material will revolutionize the realistic doll industry and become the preferred choice for those seeking the highest quality and realism possible.

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