Sex torsos have been gaining popularity in the world of realistic sex dolls for the past few years. Body torso, sex doll torso, or masturbator torso are among the variants of sex dolls that lack certain parts of the body. These special types of dolls offer everything to fulfill all the erotic desires and needs of their owners in the form of classic or anal sex (torso with head also fulfills oral sex).

Buying a full-size sex doll may not be the ideal choice for those on a tight budget or limited storage space. Then come the masturbators, which include the sex torso and which are also made of high-quality TPE or silicone material with an emphasis on the realism of all parts of the torso.

What kinds of sex torsos can you find on the market? What are their indisputable advantages? How to enjoy the most exciting moments with your torso? You will find all the answers to these questions and much more in this article.

You can choose from several types of sex torso

A sex torso, unlike a love doll, always lacks a certain part of the body. Accordingly, we distinguish between a torso with and without hands, a torso with and without a head, or only a part of the torso with an ass and a vagina. All these options preserve both the quality of the material and the pleasure they are capable of providing.

  • Sex torso with head it is a type where mostly only the legs are missing, occasionally even the hands. The possibilities of classic, oral, and anal sex are preserved. The appearance fully corresponds to a normal realistic doll.

  • Sex torso without head this type, as its name suggests, is a torso without a head. It is a torso without legs, combined with hands or without them, providing anal and vaginal sex.

  • vagina + anal masturbators a specific type of torso (masturbator), which is only a certain part of the body. It is usually a part of the torso with a bottom and a vagina (or part of the thighs) of various sizes and shapes.

  • Sexy legs for lovers of legs, several manufacturers also offer a sex torso in the form of a masturbator with legs that have an anal and vaginal opening.

What are the main advantages of a sex torso?

There are several reasons why you should buy a sex doll torso.

  1. Lower weight and size – because it is only part of the body one of the main reasons for preferring the purchase of a torso over a sex doll is precisely its size and thus its weight.
  2. Price – Masturbators and sex torsos are much cheaper than a regular life-size love doll. This option can therefore be a more accessible option for those who do not want to invest too much in the purchase of an erotic device.
  3. Care – lovers of realistic dolls know very well that maintenance and proper care are an essential part of life with their beauty. It is no different with torsos and masturbators. The indisputable advantage is their simpler construction and fewer components, which are easier to clean and maintain. This can save you time and effort in the long run.
  4. Storage – torsos are easy to store. If you have limited space to accommodate a full-size love doll, this is an excellent choice. With a sex torso, you can experience the same level of pleasure as a full-sized virgin without taking up as much space.
  5. Fast manufacturing – due to the smaller number of parts that make up the sex torso, its production is faster. This means you can receive the torso before the full-size doll.

Torsos customizations

If you decide to order a torso, you don’t have to worry about being deprived of the choice of customizations like a classic love doll. However, their selection is quite limited. The largest selection of sex torsos can be found at the brands WM Doll, Climax Doll, and Irontech Doll.

What options await you in the customizer?

  • skin, eye, and head color
  • implanted hair or pubic hair
  • body material
  • fingernails
  • clothes and accessories

These are the standard customizations for sex torsos. Depending on the specific type of torso and also the brand, in the customizer you can find, for example, articulated fingers, a tanned bikini, a shrug, or newly at Starpery, a very popular customization in the form of an electric sucking vagina.


Proper care is important

Whether you get a realistic love doll or a torso, taking care of them is a very important part of ensuring the long life of this sex tool. A few basic rules must be followed.

  • The torso must be cleaned after each use using a suitable detergent in combination with warm water to get rid of all dirt. It is necessary to use a gentle product to not damage the surface of your torso.
    Tip: How to properly hygiene your doll? Become a real expert.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. If you want the torso to last as long as possible, remember that both TPE and silicone do not tolerate direct radiation very well, and the material could degrade.
  • Appropriate storage of the sex torso is also an absolute necessity for its long-term good condition. Store it in a clean, dust-free environment, ideally in the original storage box. Alternatively, you can wrap the sex torso in a clean towel or soft cloth before storing it. This will help prevent dust and lint particles from accumulating on it.

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You can have a lot of fun with a torso

There are many tips on how to enjoy sexual moments with your torso. And in many ways, it is easier with them (lower weight and size) than with sex. In addition to different positions, making love from the front or the back, we recommend experimenting with lubricating gels and sexy clothes.

Play around with wigs and outfits

In the case of torsos with heads, there is nothing easier than changing the appearance according to the mood using different types of wigs. Do you want to have an innocent blonde at home one evening and a wild redhead the next?

Be sure to try on the sexy outfits, which you will find several of on our menu. The torso is easier and faster to change than a classic love doll.

TIP: Do not forget to wash new clothes and underwear in warm vinegar before first use and then in the washing machine to avoid staining the skin of the torso.

Use flavored lubricants 

We recommend using water-based lubricants during sex with a sex torso or masturbator. Not only will they make your erotic moments more pleasant and “sliding”, in combination with flavors and aromas but this experience will be even more intense for you.

What to watch out for: It is not recommended to use oil or silicone-based lubricants. In the case of a torso made of silicone, it could be seriously damaged.


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