Sex dolls are great at anal and vaginal sex, but many of us also crave a good and deep oral. So what about the artificial beauties, can they fully satisfy us with their mouths?

Oral as a way out of the stereotype

Although there are those who don’t particularly seek out oral sex, most men are happy to be pleasured by this technique. For many of us, it’s also a way to make all our sexual play more enjoyable and break out of the stereotype of “boring” vaginal sex. With sex dolls, we can indulge in oral as well. Plus, they never says no.

The whole experience of oral sex with dolls can be improved thanks to removable modular parts such as teeth and tongue. All the mouth material is highly flexible and each user thus has access to a truly rich full mouth penetration experience. The sex doll can also be adjusted to different positions to pre-customize it to a more comfortable position.

Advantages and disadvantages of realistic sex doll oral sex

oral doll

The definite advantage of sex dolls is that they never refuse oral sex. Just like anal or vaginal sex, we can climax into a sex doll during oral sex. Thus, no one has to worry about having to finish outside the mouth of an artificial beauty. Of course, it’s also fair to say that even though they have artificial tongues, the tongue is idle.

However, the undeniable advantage is the possibility of using her mouth for so-called deepthroat. Only a small percentage of women are willing to provide this oral technique, but all realistic sex dolls provide this option without any problems. In addition, for many techniques that require careful positioning, real women simply do not have the stamina, whereas a sex doll will not exhaust herself and will stay in the position as long as we wish. Learn more about deepthroating and the correct positions HERE.

What to watch out for and how to perform the correct oral technique with the sex doll?

Since the sex doll herself is idle, the whole action rests on you. For this reason, we recommend choosing positions where you don’t have to completely exert yourself, but if you are confident, you can try any acrobatic stunts. Beforehand, however, it is necessary, for better penetration, to remove the removable teeth and possibly the tongue. It is also necessary to use lubricant before the act.

Her mouth is easily stretchable and therefore can accommodate a penis larger than the depth of the mouth. We must be careful not to overstretch and injure ourselves. For anal or vaginal sex, the risk of injury is zero, but here we may encounter too much resistance from the material if we make a very sharp impact.

It is possible to climax in her mouth, but even without climaxing, the mouth of the love doll must be properly cleaned with disinfectant spray and rinsed with a shower after each use.

Suitable positions for oral sex with a love doll

  1. Classic

In this position, we lie on our backs with the sex doll fully straightened and facing us. We bring her head with her mouth to the level of our waist. We then only manipulate the head up and down for penetration and pleasure. We also recommend bending her slightly (really slightly) into an L shape so that we don’t have to lift her whole body, but only half of it.

  1. Face Fuck

Here we put the sex doll with her back on the bed and get ourselves into a position where we have our knees just below her shoulders and our penis in front of her face. We simply hold her head down and gradually penetrate her mouth with the movement of our waist.  The position is very simple and easy, but with a larger penis size, it may be a little strenuous to insert the entire penis into her mouth. It is also one of the positions suitable for deep oral techniques.

  1. Royal position

A very effective and simple position in which the sex doll kneels on her knees with her head at our waist level while we stand. If she is too small we just need to support her. In this position we can enjoy ourselves to the full without exerting ourselves too much. We just move the head with her mouth back and forth until we climax.


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