Before the end of the year, we managed to add three renowned brands of realistic dolls to the Naughty e-shop. Meet the beauties Real Lady, AIBEI Doll, and Sigafun.

AIBEI Doll is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lifelike dolls that are made of the best-certified materials on the market. Its portfolio contains more than 250 unique products, guaranteeing a wide selection for every customer.

Erotic dolls are made of first-class silicone and premium platinum TPE. In the extensive collection, you can find classic beauties, anime dolls with elf ears or blue skin tones, male dolls, and torsos. Everything is designed with an emphasis on detail and quality for the most demanding clients.


Real Lady specializes in the production of ultra-realistic silicone dolls that are masterfully crafted down to the last detail, with quality and authenticity as a top priority. Their body curves are so convincing that at first glance they are no different from real women.

Each doll boasts realistically soft skin with natural folds and fine lines that perfectly mimic real human skin. Not only are all their body openings perfect but the breasts are also rendered with the utmost care.


Sigafun presents a prestigious line of erotic products from the world-renowned manufacturer Irontech Doll. It specializes in sex torsos and highly realistic masturbators, which are the answer to the growing demand for sophisticated erotic toys.

These products are designed to mimic the human body as closely as possible while offering easier manipulation during sexual play, simple maintenance, and trouble-free storage. Compared to full-sex dolls, Sigafun torsos are lighter and more affordable without sacrificing the quality or realism of the experience.

Sigafun emphasizes the use of the most modern materials and technologies in production. They strive for the perfect rendering of delicate skin and realistic proportions of the female body, while always making sure that their products are affordable to the general public.

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