Welcome to a world where silicone sex dolls are becoming global online influencers. How and where did this phenomenon begin? Who are the most famous sex doll influencers and how to turn your silicone beauty into a well-known online persona? Keep reading!

An online space for everyone

Thanks to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, the phenomenon of influencers has been thriving lately. These social networks help their promotion and business. You can either love them or hate them. You can also be an influencer. Lifestyle, fashion, news, and tips from the world of technology – that’s all that many modern influencers primarily offer.

Newly, many of these platforms also feature so-called “sexperts” and relationship experts who are also influencers, and entire communities are formed around their online persona. An exciting new thing we are witnessing is the rise of influencers in the form of sex dolls.

Sex doll influencers on social media are labeled “inspirational” and receive paid ambassadorial offers. Because it is not such a taboo topic anymore, many platforms are more relaxed in this regard and can accept this kind of profile and not automatically cancel it.

And what is behind it? The increase of more realistic dolls and their move to the online world, the development of AI technologies, and the blurring of the difference between reality and VR. Therefore, these influencers seem like real people, with whom you can feel related in many ways and can be inspirational for you.

How it all began?

Most people from the millennial generation can hardly remember a time when the Internet and other social platforms did not exist. Those born before 1980 will no doubt remember the heady early days of Internet access with squeaky modems, Yahoo!, and MSN messengers.

Already at this time, the modern influencer sex dolls were surprisingly born. Thousands of pages with content began to appear, and so-called forums became modern. Some of these discussion forums were dedicated to sex and sexual dolls.

In 2001, a very public, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable lifelike doll community was formed in the form of The Doll Forum. This is where owners and admirers of sex dolls met. They shared thousands of photos, discussions, and their reviews. The site’s most prolific users are influencers in their own right within the community of around 70,000 users of this worldwide forum.

Instagram offers more options and a wide audience

Nowadays, it is quite normal for someone to decide to make a career as an influencer. And it’s no wonder because once your views get beyond a decent threshold, it’s a very lucrative extra income.

In 2016, an Instagram user created an account for his silicone doll Celestine. He wanted to show all other lovers of these beauties his life with her and that it is a completely normal thing. Instagram offered him new possibilities and, above all, a huge audience focused in this specific direction.

Top sex dolls influencers

  • Celestina

Celestina is one of the first pioneers of sex doll influencers. She has over 3 thousand followers and her number is constantly growing. Its owner, TFM, has only one complaint which is discrimination. Consider all IG content as adult content, which reduces its visibility to Instagram users. She even had a successful YouTube channel with over 20k subscribers. However, it was deleted.

Currently, Instagram tolerates sensitive content to some extent, but sex doll influencers aim to break all boundaries. This is not yet completely possible today, however, they are trying to find ways to bypass this problem and be accessible to more users.

Celestina (@celestina_monkey)

  • Tasha Marie

Tasha Marie is a realistic doll owned by 50-year-old New Jersey native Tony Foxx. He takes pictures of his sex doll which considers as his partner and uploads them on Instagram. He believes his work has quality and assures everyone that Tasha can be treated like a living being. Tasha has her sponsors and is associated with brands such as Galmato Haven and InFoxycatedClothing.

Tasha also has an account on OnlyFans, where she became the first sex virgin to share her “tasteful” nudes on the platform. She donates all her earnings to various sex workers in need whom she befriended on the Internet.

Tasha Marie (@the_real_tasha_marie)

  • Alita

Alita is one of the other popular sex doll influencers. She sets lifestyle trends for her more than 2,500 followers on Instagram. Alita was purchased by her owner Atomic in 2020 for $1700 after he divorced his real wife. The content of his profile is not explicitly or sexually oriented. This is one of the reasons why it remains open to many users without problems on Instagram.

Life of Alita (@life_of_alita) 

Turn your sex doll into an influencer. How to do it?

Are you interested in our article and are you tempted to show your beauty to the world? Then there is nothing easier than getting down to it. Perhaps a few specific tips on how to make her profile as interesting as possible can help you.

  1. Interesting content – don’t focus on sexual posts (don’t be explicitly targeted), be creative and inspiring.
  2. High-quality photos and videos – play with photos and videos to make them as interesting and attractive as possible for users.
  3. Regular posts – post at least once a week to keep the profile alive.
  4. Communicate with commenters – interaction is important, without it your profile would not last long.
  5. Play with stories, use polls – be interactive, absolutely everyone enjoys that on IG, engaging users is more than important.

For many influencers, their sex doll is not about sex, but about the doll as such. The realistic doll is the star for them and accounts are shared from her point of view and personality.

Some creators say it helps deepen the relationship with the sex doll in a non-sexual way. For others, it’s an opportunity to interact with like-minded creators and build a sense of community.


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