How to last longer in bed? The problem of premature ejaculation has always been there, it’s just been addressed more recently. The average couple in a long-term relationship usually makes love for 5 to 20 minutes, according to studies. How can a man delay the onset of ejaculation, the climax itself and enjoy sex (even with love doll) to the max?  


1. Using hard condoms

condoms sex doll

Using thicker condoms reduces the sensitivity of the penis. Condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies, protect against sexually transmitted infections, and help prolong intercourse. But not everyone loves these things, so there are other methods. 


2. Change of mind

You can also delay the moment of premature ejaculation by thinking about something completely unexciting, like work. Save erotic fantasies and visions for when you can’t get aroused or climax. 


3. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are also effective, as you can simply breathe away the arousal. Concentrate on slowing down and deepening your breathing. You will come to different thoughts and the time towards climax will be a little longer. 


4. Change of position 

Choose positions that reduce sexual sensitivity and delay the moment of ejaculation. The best position is when the woman is on top. In the riding position, you can control the pace and speed of penetration and adapt sex to your own needs. Each time you change position, you get time to calm down and last longer. Sex will be more interesting and varied.


5. Masturbation 

Masturbating before intercourse helps to delay ejaculation during sex. The aim is to make the sensitivity of the genitals less sensitive and slightly weaken the sexual desire. Get to the point where you know there is no turning back from climax, but prevent ejaculation.


6. Intermittent intercourse 

As soon as you feel that your arousal is about to reach its peak, take a break for a while and stop all movements. After a short pause, usually just 20 to 30 seconds, you can resume. This is a technique known as “keep on edge”. You can use the technique several times in a row.


7. Kegel exercises

Learn to prevent premature ejaculation and control the moment of onset of climax using the Kegel method. Kegel exercises teach you to control the pelvic floor muscles, which also control ejaculation. The feeling when you hold in the urge to urinate. Contract the muscles, hold, count to 10 and then release, repeating the exercise 10 times in a row. Of the exercises, yoga and pilates also help. 


8. Proven tactile

Pull gently on the testicles and squeeze them. Then squeeze the head of the penis firmly for 15 to 20 seconds while placing your thumb on the glans penis, which is the part of the skin connecting the foreskin to the glans. Finally, slide two fingers towards the top of the glans and press. Gently press with your thumb and index finger, concentrating on the pressure in the urethra, which runs through the penis. You will squeeze the blood out of the penis and reduce sexual tension. 


9. First the man and then the woman

You can let the man climax first and then concentrate on the woman’s orgasm. You will gain better control over your body and the second intercourse will be longer. Press the penis against the G-spot, press the head of the penis against the clitoris, linger at the vaginal entrance where there are the most nerve endings. Concentrate on small and shallow movements. 


10. First the woman and then the man

If you want your partner to climax before you do, start working on her orgasm first. Then you can focus on yourself. Bet on tenderness first and that will prolong the ejaculation time. Don’t go too deep. Take your time with your partner and then enjoy passionate sex and an amazing climax. 


11. Training with sex dolls

training sex

The sex dolls are easy to set in a comfortable position. The surface of the sex dolls is made of silicone or TPE. This makes the doll very pleasant to the touch. Realistic sex dolls have a soft skin texture, real hair, nails, make-up and vagina. It is a suitable sexual tool or an aid to practice delaying climax. 


12. Prolongatory

Prolongators are creams, gels, sprays and tablets that work by reducing the sensitivity of the nerve endings on the glans or by having a sexually toning effect that relaxes and calms the man during arousal. Special gels, sprays and creams are applied to sensitive areas, i.e. the bridle, foreskin and glans just before sexual activity. They contain anaesthetics such as benzocaine or lidocaine and deodorising ingredients. 


13. Dapoxetine

Drugs containing dapoxetine are also used to delay ejaculation. It works to reduce anxiety, restlessness, tension and emotional arousal associated with sensitivity. It intercepts serotonin and blocks the receptors in the cerebral cortex responsible for feelings of sexual arousal. It does not affect other brain functions and is not addictive. 


14. See a specialist

Sometimes stress, anxiety, fear, and a man’s poor mental state are the culprits for premature ejaculation. This situation requires the intervention of a sexologist or psychologist who will discover the cause of the psychological problems and prescribe appropriate medication. If none of the above advice works, put yourself in the hands of a specialist.


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