Amor Doll is the premium brand of the world-renowned 6Ye Doll company.

Sexy Amor dolls from the highest quality materials and a very realistic design

The manufacturer of erotic dolls 6Ye Doll under the Amor doll brand combines first-class materials and detailed realistic design.
All of Amor Doll’s realistic sex dolls can move in many different angles thanks to a special joint – just like a living person.
Sexy dolls of this premium brand have a durable and sophisticated skin structure made of a special TPE material – it is not sticky to the touch and does not need to be powdered or oiled.
Enjoy the detailed labia, anus, or areolas.
You get exactly the sexy doll you see in the photos including makeup from the Amor doll.

Which of the following beauties from Amor doll – part of the premium brand 6Ye Doll – do you like the most?

new sex doll Amor doll

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