Perfect Makeup For Your Sex Doll – How To Do It?

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In most cases, the Sex Doll has already had their make up done by the manufacturer. However during use, it is desirable to take care of makeup as well as the body, cavities or wig. Facial care and makeup are not complicated. Everyone can do it with a little practice. However, it is important to follow a few principles that are based on the difference between TPE, silicone skin and human skin. Don’t forget that a nice looking Sex doll enhances your ultra-realistic erotic experience.

Make-up removal

For easier work with the face, remove the doll’s head and place it on a solid stand on a table or shelf. I recommend removing the wig or pulling the hair from the forehead with a headband or rubber band. Apply an appropriate amount of makeup remover on the face (designed specifically for the silicone skin and can be purchased in specialized stores), wipe make-up off with a soft cloth or paper towels.

You can also use warm water with antibacterial soap and wipe the remaining makeup off with a paper towel. If you want to make up your doll regularly, I recommend you to buy a special make-up cream made just for her.

Cavity cleaning

Take the time to clean the cavities on her head also. Rinse mouth, nose and ears with a warm soap solution. Dry them by inserting a soft cloth into the cavities. Never rub them by force. Just let the fabric soak up redundant water.

Dry the head naturally by air. Never use a hair dryer.

Makeup application

When the face is completely dry, you can begin applying the makeup. First, as you apply a powder with a brush, the skin becomes smooth, beautiful and pleasantly soft. You can use baby powder or buy a special powder from stores offering accessories for TPE and silicone dolls.

Lipstick or lip gloss may be enough for you. But giving her nice makeup is not difficult, so try it. You will need sticky eyelashes, eyelash glue, shadows, blush, cosmetic brushes and lipstick.


If you want to apply lipstick, it is better to warm the doll’s lips prior. Warm hands or a warm cloth is enough. Lipstick adheres better. Use waterproof lipsticks that don’t  wash off so easily and apply a lip gloss.

Tip. For a perfect result, apply a little powder perfume with your favorite scent behind the ears and on the neck. You can buy it HERE.

Example of make-up

  1. Prepare make-up and the necessary tools.
  2. Apply shadows to the upper and lower eyelids with a foam brush.
  3. Glue the false eyelashes with tweezers and glue.
  4. Apply dark shadows to the eyebrows.
  5. Apply the lipstick with a brush. Apply lip gloss.
  6. Apply a light brush to the cheekbones with a thick brush.


Video TIP – how to glue nails on real sex doll

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