The Normon Doll brand was founded in 2021 with the ambition to bring attractive, affordable and ultra-realistic doll models to the market.

Why choose Normon Doll sex doll brand

Their collection includes both models made of high quality silicone and variants combining TPE body material with detailed silicone heads.

Each model boasts highly realistic makeup, perfect surface texture and a flexible skeleton, therefore, adding to the overall impression of realism.

When choosing your Normon Doll, you can personalize a number of details, including eye color, wig type, nipple appearance, or vagina type.

A variety of breast options are available as well, from full, to hollow, to luxurious gel filled, as well as a choice of implanted human or artificial hair.

The range also includes realistic sex dolls with the ability to stand on their feet without visible screws on their feet.

Some selected models are equipped with the innovative Movable Jaw System (ROS), which allows the doll’s mouth to open and close mechanically, adding to the realism and allowing a wider range of expressions.

All models from Normon Doll offer the option to combine popular features such as heating, sound system and an electronically contracting vagina to enhance the overall experience.

The Normon Doll brand is an increasingly popular choice for those looking for exceptional realistic sex dolls

Here are few of the various reasons for choosing this brand:

Realism: The Normon Doll line focuses on producing very realistic dolls that not only look like real people, but also try to be as close to them as possible. They use high quality materials such as silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that contribute to their realistic look and feel.

Customizability: You can choose different customizations, allowing you to create a doll to your exact liking.

Variety: The range includes a wide variety of models, from those that look very realistic to fantasy as well as anime inspired dolls. This allows customers to find the doll that best suits their desires.

Discretion and privacy: The company is aware of the sensitivity of the product and strives to ensure that the purchase and delivery are as discreet as possible.

Health and safety standards: The materials used to make realistic dolls are safe for the human body and do not contain harmful chemicals, which is important for the health of users.

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