Realistic sex dolls are made so that users can have an experience with maximum satisfaction in the most pleasant form. Therefore, it is possible to have all kinds of sex with them, including vaginal sex, which is a golden foundation without which sex dolls cannot do without.

Sex dolls for everyone

Real doll vaginal sex 2

Each of us has a different penis size. What nature has given us, we cannot change. However, there is no point in being restricted unnecessarily. Sex dolls are made with either a fixed or removable vagina of various sizes. When choosing a vagina, each client can choose different types of internal texturing for maximum pleasure.

Removable vaginas are made with a size of 18 cm, which is also suitable for longer penis lengths. As silicone is a very flexible material, there are also different types of vaginal silicone dolls that accommodate larger penises. However, with excessive sizes, there may be a high resistance to penetration, so always determine in advance the depth of the sex doll’s vagina that you intend to use.

But that’s not the end of customization. Each customer can also choose the color of the vagina and also the hair around the vagina. This is the perfect opportunity to get what we really want. But which type of vagina to choose?

Fixed vs. removable

Real doll vaginal sex

Deciding between a sex doll with a fixed or removable vagina is deciding between a more realistic feeling and easy cleaning. Fixed vaginas offer a much greater sense of reality, as they are incorporated directly into the sex doll’s body, while removable vaginas are very easy to remove and wash. It makes quite a difference whether you spend 30 minutes washing before transferring the whole sex doll to the shower and washing it with difficulty, or a few minutes washing and transferring only the vagina.

The advantage is that these 2 options are offered by almost all well-known sex doll manufacturers such as WM doll, JY doll, Climax doll and others. It depends on whether you prefer a more realistic experience or ease of use.

Realism that will take your breath away

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The vaginal form of sex with a love doll looks exactly as you would probably imagine. Sex here in terms of positions and manner is no different from vaginal sex with a real person. So all you have to do is set the sex doll in a pre-thought-out position, then apply enough lubricant and we can go for it.

Compared to real women, there is a great advantage of a quick or striking entry. No need to worry about whether it hurts the sex doll or not. All that matters is our own pleasure. The only noticeable difference is the different temperature of the internal environment of the vagina compared to a real person. However, if you have a sex doll in a room with a good room temperature, this is not a problem.

Each user will also be surprised at how realistic the rest of the body looks outside the vagina. The legs and buttocks look very believable and especially the breasts which can be easily squeezed and look very realistic. There is no need to use a condom during vaginal sex, nor is it a problem to ejaculate inside and enjoy pleasure that is not always available.

What to look out for?

It is very important that no water enters the vaginal environment, which makes the whole experience unpleasant, due to the risk of mold from the moisture that the water creates. If water enters the inner environment of the vagina, it is necessary to use handkerchiefs or another method to dry the sex doll.

It is not entirely suitable to use cloth towels for drying, as there is a risk that small fibers will remain in the vagina and their extraction is very difficult. However, we can highly recommend microfiber towels. Drying should be done by simply attaching a towel, but in principle we do not wipe with a towel, as there is a risk of skin damage.


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