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anime short story 2
anime sex

Nymphomaniac Emiko 2

My name is Emiko. My name means shining child. When I was little, I was said to radiate happiness. But...

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how to oral sex sex doll
oral sex

Oral sex from a sex doll. (Un)real experience?!

Sex dolls are great at anal and vaginal sex, but many of us also crave a good and deep oral....

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how to deepthroat with sex doll

How to deepthroat from a sex doll

Deepthroat, or deep oral, is a sexual practice in which the entire penis (sometimes together with the testicles) is inserted...

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how to care silicone sex toys
erotic toys

How to care for silicone sex toys

Both silicone sex dolls and silicone sex toys have one thing in common. Surprisingly, they hate silicone-based lubricating gels. It...

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emico erotic story

Nymphomaniac Emiko

I'm a nymphomaniac. My name is Emiko. My name means shining child. When I was a little girl, I was...

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Erobotics. The revolution of intimacy between man and machine

Erobots. Welcome to a new world of intimacy. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and social robotics, robots are learning...

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starter pack for sex doll
pleasure robots

Starter pack for newcomers to the world of sex dolls

Are you new to the world of sex dolls? We know what you shouldn't miss in your basic kit. Care...

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sex doll threesome
pleasure robots

Unforgettable threesome with a sex doll

I'm visiting my friend George. We've known each other since our school days, we've had a lot of fun together,...

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