Both silicone sex dolls and silicone sex toys have one thing in common. Surprisingly, they hate silicone-based lubricating gels. It might not make sense to you at first (like it does to us) and you might think that they should instead “like” each other, but alas. Not so.

Avoid silicone-based lube

silicone sex toys care

If you use silicone-based lube or oil along with these products, you will slowly but surely destroy them. It will start by flaking, peeling of the surface, sometimes cracking, and can end up melting the originally solid material. Simply together, these materials react and degrade.

Use a special disinfectant

So, back to the original question – how do you clean silicone sex toys? The best thing to do for a basic cleanse is water with a little child soap, clean thoroughly, and then apply a cleaning disinfectant that is designed specifically for sex toys.

Silicone has a very strong chemical structure compared to other materials in the erotic industry and minimal to no pores on the surface. The exact opposite is latex or jelly gel. These are directly porous and therefore extremely difficult to clean. Thanks to its great properties, medical grade silicone sex toys are some of the most popular and best selling sex toys ever.

How to store them until the next time you play?

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Without touching

Primarily, it is recommended not to leave them together touching. While the individual materials may be normally non-tactile, no one can guarantee that they won’t react together. This is the first rule.

Out of direct sunlight

The second rule is shade. It certainly won’t do the toy any good to have the strong summer sun beating down on it. As such, while silicone is colourfast and very stable, its surface would not benefit much from UV rays. Although it would degrade slowly, almost imperceptible.

In a dust-free environment

Another important characteristic of the “storage” for erotic toys is no dust. It is not even a hygienic requirement, but rather a comfort one. There’s nothing more annoying when you’re in the mood for sex play, you want to try your favourite toy in a new position and… you have to wash it properly before using it, because a lot of dust has stuck to it during idle time.

Smooth (even shiny) silicone variants are extremely sensitive to dust. The ones that make up most modern erotic aids, or sex dolls, are fortunately already with a matte finish that are not so susceptible to dust.

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Let’s recap

  • don’t use silicone lube
  • clean them with water, soap and a special silicone toy disinfectant
  • keep them separate
  • out of direct sunlight and
  • in a dust-free place

This simple care will ensure the longest possible life of your silicone sex toys. 


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