The development of technology cannot be stopped. What once seemed like a fairy tale of the future is becoming a reality. The world of realistic dolls certainly does not stand aside. Manufacturers of sex dolls try to make their sex dolls not only look as realistic as possible, but also function as realistically as possible, and to make the overall sexual experience with them as passionate and exciting as possible.

Meet the latest in the world of sex robots – from interactive sex robots to realistic sex dolls with customizations simulating the movements of the human body that can breathe, speak and move.

Sex robots with artificial intelligence

sex with robot

The Ai-aiTech brand is one of the first manufacturers on the market with robots with artificial intelligence. They are the first to produce affordable, interactive sex robots in the world of real sex dolls.

Thanks to the sophisticated robot head, it is possible to interact with these sex robots and have increasingly complex conversations with them depending on how often you talk to them. Their facial expressions go hand in hand with their communication. They can smile when they say your name, turn their heads, and move their eyes. They have a neck that turns left and right, a synchronized robotic mouth, and built-in learning technologies.

All sex dolls from Ai-aiTech come with a robotic head. Therefore, you can combine the type of head and choose one of the 7 variants of the body. They are made of M-TPE material, which can be compared to silicone but is much stronger, more durable, and more flexible.

The task of a sex robot with artificial intelligence is to satisfy both your physical and psychological needs (emotional)

Robotic customization simulating the movements of the human body

Breathing simulation

breathing simulation for sex dolls

The sex dolls from WM doll with a height of 150 cm – 175 cm (4’9 – 5’8) and breasts of C-Cup and larger and YL Doll for dolls with a height of  140 cm – 175 cm (4’7 – 5’8) and breasts of C-cup and larger offer unique customization called breathing simulation that is available from June 2022. It is special robotic customization that makes the sex doll’s chest move like a real live woman. The sex doll with this simulation is simply charged with an electric cable. A fully charged battery then enables breathing continuously for up to 4 hours.

Electric sucking vagina

sucking vagina sex dolls

To be honest, the vagina is one of the most important parts of a sex doll. Right now (Fall 2022), the electric sucking vagina is offered only by the SY Doll brand. In addition, The vagina provides an automatic suction and retraction function. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy interactive vaginal sex.

The electric vagina is suitable for sex dolls with a fixed vagina and a height above 140 cm (4’7ft). A sex doll with this special vagina has a socket on the chest under the arm for connecting the cable to an electrical outlet. Under the power socket is a button to turn on/off the electric vagina function. The usage time of a fully charged electric vagina is 3-5 hours. Her ability to suck provides a very exciting classic lovemaking experience.

Movable hips

moving hips robot sex doll

These sex dolls are the sexiest sex dolls offered by brands SEDOLL and SY Doll. These robotic sex dolls can move while making love, which makes the feeling of classic, anal and oral sex much more intense and real.

The advantage of the robotic sex dolls is the remote control with the choice of 3 movement speeds. You can thus choose from the speed that suits you best, changing it during lovemaking. You can choose between a built-in battery or an adapter for connecting to a power outlet. You will appreciate that these sex robots have the same optional customizations as regular sex dolls.

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Sex Doll Blonde Cath, 166 cm/ C-Cup

sex robot Cath

Cath is a sexy blonde from the WM doll workshop. It is made of high-quality TPE and her body will appeal to lovers of taller girls with slender bodies and tits that fit in the hand. Give a life Cath with a robotic function that simulates natural breathing. Can’t wait? Neither does she. She is waiting for her charming prince

Real Sex Doll Gentle Chanie, 163 cm/ E-Cup

chanie sex robot

The gentle beauty Chanie is a realistic sex doll made of high-quality TPE material that came from the SEDoll. If you are looking for someone unique and special, then this brunette is the right choice. It is not only about its very realistic appearance but also about the possibility of choosing robotic customization. Thanks to her, she can move during sex, and your experience will be much more intense and real.

Seductive Trina sex robot, 160 cm/ E-Cup

trina sex robot

Trina is an interactive sex robot with artificial intelligence. It comes from the Ai-aiTech workshop and its body is made of very flexible and durable M-TPE material. She is capable of facial expressions, can maintain a conversation, and pronounce your name. Thanks to several built-in touch sensors, she responds to touches. She will be your ideal sexual companion, satisfying both your psychological and physical needs.


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