The weight of the sex doll is one of the key parameters in the selection and when it comes to handling the doll. Does it seem like a not very important thing to you? Are you mainly interested in having a sex with beautiful love doll with pleasant holes? Then don’t forget you have to move her around!

You will need to manipulate her, not only because of the sex itself but also because of her maintenance and hygiene. The weight of the sex doll itself has a fairly large effect on your sexual experience and comfort. Discover the benefits of lightweight sex dolls.

The difference in weight of a sex doll vs a real human being

lightweight realistic dolls

The weight of 90 lbs seems ok but because the sexy doll is a sex toy that is not able to move on its own and is motionless, we can assure you you will feel every pound of her.

In humans, it is common that even if a person weighs 200 lbs, he bears his weight on his feet or hands. If you move a living person, he/she can make everything easier for you by hugging you to use her center of gravity.

It’s different with sex dolls. They have legs, but their weight is “dead”, meaning it’s focused on one area. So it can feel like they are much heavier than a real human of the same weight.

How to choose a sex doll based on weight

If you are not the type of person who goes to the gym every day or its not in good condition, then we have 2 options with which you can simplify your life with a sex doll and gladly indulge in your sexual moments, without unpleasant side effects associated with handling a heavy doll.

Mini and small sex dolls

One way to see if the sex doll will suit you both in height and weight is to choose one of the mini sex dolls or small sex dolls. In most cases, these are miniatures of life-size versions of sex dolls with all the body proportions kept the same.

Don’t worry! This does not mean that the sex dolls are young or that they are children’s dolls. These are sex dolls that are smaller but have everything that you would expect from a life-size sexy doll. They have all the important body parts such as hips, boobs, and realistic depth of love holes. They are the perfect way to save money, your back, and storage room while maintaining an exceptional sexual experience. Not every brand offers this kind of sex doll. A wide selection of mini sex dolls is offered by Piper doll or Zelex manufacturers.

Naughty tip: The Zelex brand has a special product line called 130 cm S, which offers smaller versions of selected sex dolls with a height of 5‘6 ft. Thus, it is possible to get a 5‘6 ft sex doll in a reduced version of 4‘2ft. Proportion and appearance are kept the same, but the sex doll is significantly cheaper and thanks to its smaller size, it is better handled during lovemaking, maintenance, and storage/transport.

Lightweight sex dolls

Lightweight sex dolls are a current trend in terms of the production of sex dolls. Many brands are starting to understand that weight is becoming essential when it comes to choosing a companion. They understand that the lighter the sex dolls are, the more satisfied the customers will be.

Making a lightweight sex doll is a very specific process. These are sex dolls with an improved body structure, thanks to which they are lighter than regular sex dolls. The first brands that started making them were WM Doll, Starpery, and Zelex.

lighweight sex dolls benefits trend

Silicone Doll Sexy Tamryn 5ft 5′ (165 cm)/ C-Cup/97 lbs

Other companies are also trying to tackle this challenge. They are looking for other, simpler ways to achieve lighter dolls without changing the whole design. For example, the Piper doll brand does it completely differently. To reduce the weight of a sex doll they insert a foam inside the doll’s body which fills up the whole body, therefore, less silicone or TPE is used.

Technology is evolving and what used to be impossible for most manufacturers is becoming a reality. The WM Doll brand has become the first brand that started to create lightweight sex dolls. They came up with a way to reduce the weight and began to change the manufacturing process in TPE and the silicone versions.

Brands offering lightweight sex dolls

Currently, 3 brands offer the option of reduced-weight sex dolls – WM Doll, Zelex, and Starpery.

WM Doll

WM Doll was the first brand to start focusing on how to reduce the weight of sex dolls. Right now, as a part of customization, they offer lightweight sex dolls in 2 models – 5‘1ft /H-Cup and 5’6ft /E-Cup.

  • Model 5‘1ft / H-Cup with customization. The weight of the skeleton is 38 lbs less which is about ⅓ of the weight.

lighweight sex dolls benefits trend 4

Real Sex Doll Busty Dreda 5ft 1′ (156 cm)/H-Cup


  • Model 5‘6ft / E-Cup with customization. The weight of the skeleton is 18 lbs less. This corresponds to a weight reduction of about 20 %.

lighweight sex dolls benefits trend 1

Love Doll Asian Girl Ling 5ft 6′ (168 cm)/E-Cup


Zelex started selling a lightweight sex doll (i.e., a doll with a light skeleton) in December 2021. The weight reduction is not as big as it’s in the case of WM Dolls, but all their sex dolls went through it. On average, this is a reduction of about 11 – 18 lbs. Combined with a very realistic look, these love dolls are among the most sought-after.

lighweight sex dolls benefits trend 2

Silicone Doll Asian Girl Leila 5ft 1′ (155 cm)/C-Cup/63,9 lbs


Sex doll skeletons from Starpery underwent a technological innovation in 2021 and are now significantly lighter. This manufacturer has also decided that it will be easier to apply weight reduction in the entire selection of sex dolls. Compared to the Zelex brand, their weight reduction is bigger. These are lighter by 18 – 27 lbs depending on the height and body sizes of a particular sex doll model. These love dolls are popular and the most sought-after from all over the world. And light skeletons play a big part.

lighweight sex dolls benefits trend 3

Sex Doll Seductive Mayu 5ft 2′ (159 cm)/D-Cup/63,9 lbs

Choose the lightweight sex doll

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