Sex dolls have become a very popular and sought-after erotic toy in a short time. Many customers prefer them over classic devices due to their very realistic appearance and increasingly interesting customizations such as robotic ones that allow sexual dolls to perform different movements, i.e., moving hips or they have automatic sucking vaginas.

When it comes to sex with a realistic love doll there are several rules and tricks to keep her in excellent condition for a long time, but at the same time to experience the most intensely erotic experiences with her so you can fulfill your desires and dreams. Sex with this extraordinary companion is not just about putting her on the bed and enjoying five minutes of fame. In this article, you will find 10 tips and tricks to help you enjoy the best sex with a sex doll.

Warm her up

One of the basic tips to enjoy sexual pleasures with your beauty is to warm her up properly. Even the cold body of a real woman is not pleasant for these intense experiences, let alone a cold body made of TPE material or silicone.

  • You can heat it simply either by placing it in a blanket for about 20 minutes, e.g. on a heating blanket (this will heat its surface) or by using a hand-held hair dryer but here it is necessary to heat it at a very low level to avoid damage to the material, which sex doll is made.
  • The so-called warming creams, which are water-based, can now also be used, and their advantage is that they are edible. When it comes to the cavities of your sex doll, it is best to use a simple heater, which in many cases is automatically included in the package together with the love doll.
  • The best option is to choose a heating system customization when buying an erotic doll. Each brand has a slightly different way to heat the body of the dolls, but simply put, just plug the sex dolls into the socket for a few minutes, warm up, disconnect and then connect, very realistically and pleasantly.

Use good lubricants

It is ideal to use lubricants during sex with a sex doll. In this case, we recommend using water-based ones, which are suitable for easy introduction and subsequent cleaning. It is not recommended to use oil or silicone-based lubricants, because if your sex doll is made of silicone, it could damage or break the material.

  • Some manufacturers offer a lubricated vagina as part of the customization, where instead of a lubricating gel, you only need to add a few drops of water before intercourse

Change the appearance of the sex doll

Do you want to spice up your evenings by being in the company of a blue-eyed blonde one day and a red-eyed anime the next? There is nothing simpler. Even this simple and quick change can affect the overall experience of sex with a love doll. Together with your sex doll, you can order an extra head, many different wigs, and colored eyes.  Everything can then be exchanged, so you won’t get bored.

Naked or dressed?

In general, every erotic doll should be stored undressed. Tight clothing can affect various surface perforations. In the case of sexual games, however, we recommend alternating different types of clothes, underwear, and shirts.

  • TIP: Do not forget to wash new clothes and underwear in warm vinegar water before first use and then in the washing machine to prevent staining of the skin of the sex doll.

A small nuance that can start and turn you on. Do you prefer white lace lingerie, satin camisole, cosplay, or BDSM leather outfits? You can keep all this hidden in a drawer and style your beauty into a gentle fairy or a wild dragon according to your current mood.

Experiment with positions

Enjoy different positions. Even though it can be a bit more complicated at times with the doll’s body positions, don’t hesitate and enjoy the possibilities that your companion offers you. Of course, everything is in moderation. Respect that it is still an erotic toy and you must pay attention to what both the construction and the material allow.

The more considerate and gentler you are with the sex doll, the longer it will last to fulfill your desires.

Most realistic dolls have 3 love holes. It is therefore advisable to set the positions the way they are accessible to you. You mustn’t put unnecessary pressure on the joints of the sex doll or other sensitive parts of the body (hands, wrists, or ankles).

Use fragrances and perfumes

The smell is one of the many aspects that influence what is evoked in us. So if there is a scent or perfume that evokes feelings of desire in you and acts as an aphrodisiac, use it on your sex doll as well.

The only condition is that it is necessary to apply the fragrance to the clothes, not to the body. Almost all perfumes contain alcohol and contact with TPE material and silicone could cause damage.

Don’t be afraid of sex in the water

Sex in the bathtub or shower is a great thing for many of us, even when having sex with a human being. Water offers us many erotic experiences, not only thanks to humidity but also to the pleasant temperature of the environment. So, if you are among the lovers of water games, you can continue them with your realistic love doll. You just have to follow 3 rules!

  • The water should be lukewarm.
  • Bath and shower products must be water-based.
  • Before the 1st bath with a new sex doll, we recommend reading the article: How to safely bath with a sex doll.

Robotic customizations

Thanks to robotic customizations, the doll does not just lie still, but can, for example, move rhythmically during classic, anal, or oral sex. In addition, she can have an automatic sucking vagina or can communicate some sentences thanks to built-in AI.

If you are in a situation where you are choosing your first sex doll, or perhaps another piece for your collection, we recommend that you purchase one already with some robotic customization. It’s a big trend and manufacturers regularly come up with many improvements and innovations. The last innovation was an imitation of breathing.

Don’t forget the foreplay

An often-underestimated topic is a foreplay. In ordinary sexual life, foreplay seems automatic to us, it lures us as well as our partner. It would be a shame to forget this pleasant experience even during sex with a sex doll. Imagine that she is a living woman that you want to win over and prepare her for what you can offer and she will repay you in return. Engage your imagination and enjoy every moment. Visualization and imagination in this direction can also affect the intensity of your overall sexual experience.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is becoming a phenomenon today, including in the field of erotica and sex. If you want to take your sex life with a real doll to the next level, don’t hesitate to try VR sex in conjunction with an erotic sex doll. Find yourself in an exotic setting or at a singles group event together with your beau and take advantage of the opportunity to do everything forbidden. All you need is VR glasses, and an internet connection and a journey full of sex can begin.

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