How to proceed in a situation where you want to indulge in exciting moments while bathing with your realistic doll? Read the instructions. Ignorance of basic information about the materials from which dolls are made (TPE / silicone) can cause serious damage to their sexy bodies.

Shower vs. bath

If you wish to enjoy water fun with your sex doll, we recommend taking a shower.

In general, if water enters the skeleton, it will cause impaired joint mobility, as nuts and bolts, which are not stainless steel like the skeleton of the sex doll, will rust.

CAUTION! Water may penetrate the surface of the body through small cracks. The neck area where the head is attached or screws on the legs are not waterproof either.

shower with sex doll

What is the maximum water temperature for TPE or silicone dolls?

With silicone, the water temperature is not as important, because it can withstand higher water temperatures. Hot water that is commonly supplied through the mains is recommended. It should definitely not exceed 50°C (120°F).

The TPE material is much more susceptible to higher temperatures than silicone. Manufacturers recommend using only lukewarm water of ± 35°C (± 95°F) for contact with the TPE surface.

TIP* In our experience, we have verified that even a slightly higher water temperature will not damage the TPE material and that pleasantly warm water you normally shower will not put your sex doll in harm’s way. This is merely our experience, not a recommendation.

How long can you take a bath or shower with a sex doll? 

If the water temperature is acceptable for the surface material from which the sex doll is made, you can enjoy bathing together for as long as you want.

CAUTION! When bathing, never soak the head of your sex doll. Always wash the head separately from the body so as not to damage the hair, eyes, make-up or eyelashes.

What products to use when showering with a doll?

Manufacturers of the sex dolls state that you should not use any products containing alcohol.

TIP* For the surface of the body, we recommend using any cosmetics intended for children (e.g. Johnson & Johnson).

CAUTION! Only shampoos and conditioners intended for use on artificial hair should be used on wigs.

Ice-cold water ✅

Are you a lover of cold water and would you like to cool off along with your sex doll? Feel free to do so. Ice-cold water does not pose a problem for TPE or silicone.

Sauna ❌

Treat yourself to the sauna alone or with human company. Saunas and steam showers are not suitable for any silicone or TPE dolls. In addition to probable surface damage; high temperatures can destroy wigs, make-up or nails and eyelashes.


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