The end of the year is always associated with a certain balance and evaluation of what we have achieved, but at the same time, we are already thinking about what to plan and how to surprise next year. One thing is certain – Naughty Harbor is trying to offer increasingly high-quality services and break social taboos in many ways.

The year 2022 has been a turbulent year for Naughty Harbor. We tried constantly bringing new products and services to customers and improving existing ones. Find out what 2022 was like with Naughty Harbor and check the news planned for the upcoming year.

Modern e-shop with sex dolls

In the modern e-shop with real sex dolls we try to come up with many new products and always try to offer something extra.

Our reward is satisfied customers who like to come back – whether it’s buying accessories, a new sex doll, or visit our sex dolls blog, where every month we bring you many interesting articles and current information from the world of love dolls.

This year’s news

  • New brands: We have added a lot of new brands that are interesting, unique and you might like. We will not settle for less.
  • Update of existing brands: Within the framework of existing brands, we have tried to regularly update and monitor the new products that have come to the market so that we can introduce you to them in time
  • New customizations: Manufacturers keep coming up with innovations that improve the product. Among the most revolutionary in 2022 were probably the breathing simulation customizations from WM Doll and YL doll, the movable jaw on selected Zelex and WM doll dolls, and the sucking electric vagina that brings interactive vaginal intercourse.
  • Brand offers: A new category on the website where we inform about ongoing manufacturer sales such as free customizations, a free extra head, etc.
  • Sales on the website: We regularly offer special discounts, promos, and bonuses for our customers.
  • Customer service: A pro-client approach is what we want to build on and at the same time, we think this is a necessity in this field. That’s why we’re here for you. You can ask us anything.
  • Large expansion of stocks in Europe and the USA: We are pleased that many manufacturers are expanding their European and USA sex dolls stocks. The goal is better availability of goods to customers.

Naughty Harbor e-shop in 2023


The plan for our shop with silicone and TPE sex dolls is to continue what we managed to set up in 2022 and improve all areas even more. At the same time, we want to communicate with our customers more. We want to know their needs and desires and understand what they expect from us. So don’t be afraid to write us an email or call us.

And if you have tips for new brands or any other improvements, please let us know. We are already looking forward to what 2023 will bring and what is going to be trendy in the world of realistic dolls.

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