Have you decided to get the most sophisticated erotic toy – the Sex doll? Then there is a wonderful creative process in front of you, the selection of a specific realistic Sex Doll and designing its final form by selecting specific components. Do you want a tanned brunette with blue eyes and small breasts? Or do you want to enjoy your sexual adventure with a sweet blonde with cat-eyes? Welcome to the world of Sex Dolls you can design exactly according to your most secret fantasies. Your Eve (or Adam) is waiting for you to create them.

There are many customizations, or modifications available for silicone or TPE dolls. Each manufacturer offers various options and combinations. We’ve created an overview of all the most common and widespread options from which to create your dream Sex Doll. Which elements will be important to you in a particular form depends entirely on your personal preferences and taste.

Gender and material

customized sex doll naughty harbor

  • The first step is a decision whether you prefer a sexy male or female doll. There are also bisexual dolls.
  • The next important step is to decide what material you prefer. There are two possibilities – silicone or TPE. We will discuss the pros, cons and properties of these materials in detail in one of our other articles on the blog.

Physical appearance

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  • Dolls of different heights and weights are available on the market. Depending on your choice, they can be divided into small (60-130 cm), medium (130-150 cm) and tall (150-180 cm). Their weight is usually between 30-40 kilograms.
  • Body type – skinny, curvy sex dolls, maxi breasts, maxi butt, pregnant real dol,l etc.
  • You can choose whether you want a non-standing or standing girl who has their feet adapted to stand by three screws in her foot. The disadvantage might be, that they are permanently visible as they must be pushed out through the skin.
  • You can also choose fixed or adjustable arms (shoulder joints)
  • An important factor is a skin color (white, light, natural, tanned, brown, black)
  • Breast size or shape


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  • Fixed – has a maximum realistic appearance, the vaginal cavity is structured for a perfect sex experience, is firmly attached to the body of the doll  (no risk of slipping the liner). For regular cleaning it is necessary to handle the whole doll.
  • Removable – provides the same realistic sex experience as a fixed vagina, simply remove it and wash it by hand in the washbasin. It is easy to replace in the event of damage. You can have multiple plug-ins with different characteristics. And it is  easier to clean. The disadvantage is the more complicated insertion of the vagina into the body (it must be powdered or lubricated before insertion and the correct technique must be  used).
  • Diameter of vagina (most often in the range 2-3 cm)
  • Pubic hair (from completely shaved to completely natural or with specific shape) 
  • Vagina color
  • Labia shape
  • Removable penis


customized sex doll naughty harbor 4

  • There are lots of types of head (shape, face image). You can buy it separately as either an alternative or replacement. Its price is around €3000.
  • Wig (length, cut and color)
  • Eyes color (blue, green, brown, black, blue, red,…)
  • Winking eyes
  • Eyebrow painted or realistic
  • Luxurious head variant with sewn hair (the price is around €1000)
  • Lips color
  • Elven ears (pointed)
  • Tongue

Other customization options

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  • Nails shape, length and color
  • Nipple size, color and shape
  • Tattoo
  • Clothes
  • Realistic anus
  • Hinge (on head or back)
  • Transport / storage box
  • Heating – Real dolls with heating are specially designed for even more realistic sex. Heating is introduced throughout the body 220V and warming takes about 15 minutes. These dolls can also be equipped with a sound module.

If you are unsure, the brothel is sure

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If you are not sure, whether the intimate company of silicone baby will suit you, the ideal option is to “touch” it in the brothel, Where you can choose from several artificial beauties. Each of them are different and we will be happy to introduce you to her sexy world full of excitement, imagination and experimentation.


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