FJ Doll offers affordable high quality sex dolls

The FJ Doll brand offers TPE dolls, silicone dolls, and those in a combination of TPE and silicone.

In addition to the emphasis on detailed elaboration of the appearance, it also focuses on the Light sex dolls.

  • In line with trends, they also offer the option of a lower-weight skeleton (without changing height and body shape) for an additional fee, which makes its TPE dolls 8.8-13 lbs lighter and silicone dolls even 22-33 lbs less.

In the FJ Doll selection, you can find many options to improve the sex doll: articulated fingers, sound system, tanned bikini, natural make-up/veins, or the popular robotic customization such as an electric sucking vagina.

Jiusheng is all about super realistic robotic sex dolls

The Jiusheng Doll brand divides sex dolls into two product series: those with the appearance and body size of adult women (adult size), which are under the name Jiusheng. On the contrary, those with the appearance of cute young lolitas can be found in the product description under the name MLW Dolls.

Silicone dolls come with realistic body make-up and for TPE dolls you need to choose the degree of sophistication of the make-up within the customization (Body make-up S or S+).

You can find 3 popular robot customization in their selection – sex robots.

  • Electric sucking vagina, movable hips, and neck (simulates real movements during oral sex).

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